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"No two people are the same", that's what all of us know and it's true that all human beings are different from each other. Though we are different, there are people with similarities that's why the word friend was invented. Today, Similarity is not mandatory to have friends because all you need is a nice attitude and spirit. With our differences, we enjoy the grace and majestic art that we called friendship. Because of our differences, we learn so many things, we laugh at things, we can express our inner feelings, and etc.

Like in friendship perhaps, we are happy seeing the things that they can do. We love to witness their uniqueness over us, most of the shy people does it. Some people love to express themselves in a speech, interest, or the blog way, those are for the active ones. See, I mentioned two types of people, the shy and the active ones. Imagine all people are shy or everyone is active. I just don't want to imagine it because it might just be boring or something. You know a group of friends is just like a culinary dish, it is made out of different ingredients that try to balance the taste of the food and the result, a chef's masterpiece. Try to make dumplings with one ingredient? like just meat or just flour? that's like one lonely person. The combination of people makes happy moments, great experiences, and compacted bond.

Let's make this the other way around, how about those people that you don't like or simply your enemies? how about those arrogant people you hate or those people who thinks they are superior? It's all about hate. People tend to hate and we can never avoid those people that have the traits that you spit out. Stupid, cocky, bully, violent, pervert, irritating, and so on, we curse them, just because we are different. They are made for us too not to be hated but for you to be motivated. Remember your arrogant classmate who thinks he's the smartest? it makes your blood boil that you want to prove he is not and that motivates you to be an intelligent person. Those teachers and parents who keeps nagging you to study or clean your room, it gives you so much pain hearing their voice that you want them to shut up and there you go,reading for the exams and room cleaned. Just like a Durian Fruit, it smells so stinky but hey, it tastes like heaven.

All these things I say about each of us being unique is a masterpiece from God. He crafted each and every one of us differently for us to be successful, happy, and to be contented with life itself. I admire Him for doing that that's why I am so happy and content. He is not just a supreme being, He is an artist. An artist because He molded zillions of masterpieces who set foot in this spherical object made of soil. Let us give importance to this thing that we notice rarely. If you admire people, places, animals, my blog (hope so), and everything else, it is nice but make sure you admire Him first.

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