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I was watching Attach of the Show this morning ( btw, if you don't have an idea about AOTS, it's a techno-television show where it features relatively gadgets, internet videos and stuff. In short, it's all about technology.) and I was laughing my lungs out when it featured some funny web videos. They have a sitcom where they feature 5 funny Youtube or Break videos and it cracks me all the time. Enough of those, I did brought Attach of the Show in this topic because they actually featured this new invention by Honda which is a Unicycle that saves your breath and sweat from walking and running. I can say it's another marvelous invention after a genius work like Asimo, hell, today he is able to run through his robotic legs, what a robot. Anyway, this Unicycle is called the Honda U3-X and it is inspired by those Segway mini-vehicles where you can just stand on it and it can run like a motorcycle. Well, almost since it cannot run as fast a Ducati or a Harley Davidson. 

Honda U3-X resembles exactly like a Unicycle and it keeps your feet away from the road by just sitting on it and letting your hands work using the buttons (or I forgot if it uses a remote) to reach your destination. Thinking of  the technology Honda is capable of just explains how technology upgrades every year.

What baffles me is the fact that it affects to people negatively when it comes to laziness. The device might be great but when it comes to usefulness, it just drains out and it really does not qualify to be a need. While I was watching it, I remember the scene from Disney's Pixar film Wall-E. You know where the people who descended from Earth lived in this giant spaceship and everybody is flat obese. It's funny that they just sit their asses on those remote control chairs and anything they wanted would be on their side in just a button away. The wackiest part is when these two guys were talking each other via their Hologram Monitor with a webcam I think, thanks to the high tech moving chairs, while they are actually a centimeter away. Just looking beside his buddy makes it difficult for both of them. 

My thoughts about this device: It's not mandatory for us and it should be just for show. Well actually it is because they said they will never release it to the public which is a good decision from Honda. Many Earthlings are suffering from obesity, what more if such invention will be commercialized. You may ask "So you know it's for show, so what's the point?". Well my point is that the possibility of such event like that Wall-E clip exist on a small percentage which is still on a threat. Technology is unexpected and with technology, anything is possible and I even expect teleportation, flying cars, and other unexpected ficition-movie inspired stuff to pop in the time line. I just hope Asimo and Aibo is there to save us, just like Wall-E and Eve :) ......

For the third fucking time, my blog had been a ghost town, that's sucks. But it's okay, I had been busy in the past few weeks due to the requirements and exams. At last! it's finally over. I'm still crossing my fingers on my Calculus and Accounting exams. It's 12:15 midnight while I'm writing this post and my hands are itchy for more ideas in this blog.

I'm just wondering why did the summer heat started so early. When the clock strikes at 9:00 am, this country is being grilled. These are the days when you take a bath 2-3 times a day, you crave for ice-cream or halo-halo, and of course your imagination flying through beaches. Summer is so much fun because:

1.) It's vacaton!!! what the heck? everyone loves and deserves a damn vacation. Where you can do anything whatever you want!

2.) As I said, cold treats. :)

3.) You can spend time with your family!

4.) Staying late at night to play games, hangout with friends, and for me, to write on this blog.

5.) Your friends are always available for parties, bondings, and etc.

Now for some unnecessary reason, I hate summer because:

1.) Intense Heat... such a beast!

2.) No allowance means no money... good luck finding those summer jobs!

3.) Since you are vacant, household chores will be your best friend... or rival.

4.) 1:00pm - 3:00pm is boring...

5.) Stupid Children will be everywhere!

Just some of my frustrations. This is some sign that I'm going to be posting my thoughts as often as possible. Of course boredom will strike and many interesting things will happen this summer. Still, I'm a bit confused on some things and I have some minor problems. Phew, talk about stress.

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