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I'm going to be busy so my posts will be delayed.. ohhh.. shit sauce!! anyway after exams, I will post everything that I want!!!! hahaha!!! anyway, I will miss Dota. Left4dead, PS2, and everything.. hehe..

Maybe most of us knew the issue on led content from Chinese export materials such as those of Mattel toys inc. that can be poisonous especially to children. Oh yeah! melamine content on milk is also from China. China exports materials on almost 85% of all countries in the world. Are they trying to kill us? did they just want to earn money? or is part of the end of the world?
It may sound scary but hell we don't know on what's gonna happen. We may not know that a caldera is beneath our house and maybe tomorrow it will gush lava and burn our fucking asses.
Probably, those deadly contents may be the effect of the economic crisis and we should be aware know that it can be a warning for the scariest thing to happen.

Going way back, the issue of global warming is also a widespread news and even people who doesn't even know the meaning of global warming are scared of the fact that it exists. I pity those polar bears which are always shown on tv when the show is all about Global warming that they barely stand on a piece of ice. Those cute creatures should live!! If only we can bring them to our temperate or tropical countries but definitely they can't live here. Try to watch the video on youtube about "Knut the polar bear" and it may reach through your hearts and trigger your feelings.

Combining these two ideas may result to what we fear of the Armageddon or the judgment day for some (movies such as The Day After Tomorrow made people scared about the issue). Yes, i fear for that day to come. I want to live as long as I could! I want to enjoy life like old people has done. It will be unfair to me and to other youngsters to be dead earlier than the early bird.

We can stand a chance for this issue, let's support projects on pushing away global warming and let's cooperate on ways to save earth. Economic crisis will start from us, then to higher people especially people who belongs to the government. I hope Barack Obama kept his word from his Slogan "Change we need". Last and certainly not the least, wether what your religion is, let us pray for this issues not to happen. I hope you understand what I have in mind because I'm a bit sleepy typing this post. Thanks for reading and I hope you learng something. Comments are appreciated

Earlier, I were lying on my "energy-absorber bed" (my bed has this power that when you are sitting or whatever you are doing above it, you never want to get out of it again... haha.. well, I don't know) and thinking some unnatural events that took place in this rough sphere we called earth. One simple example is ghost. When I was a kid, I believe ghosts are only bullsh!t I mean until now, I haven't seen one, hear, feel? well, it might sound creepy but I won't believe such kind until I see,hear, or feel one. If ghost really exist, then my only weapon of truth is God. I believe in him and he won't let me be possessed or harmed by those irritating spirits who does not want to rest.

Guess what, it did not stop on ghosts. I still tried to dig up more ideas on my majestic mind and you know what I found? the idea of those magic juices or vitamins that will lessen fat. I mean, what a piece of bullsh!t if those were really true, then there will be fat rich people who will turn their megasizes into feathersizes. The only thing that I believe that can make your body weight light as air will be workout and maybe you are so damn rich you can throw your money down on Liposuction. Maybe those magic beverages can be effective when you are already fit.

Oh yeah! those supplements that you see in television on an advertisment where it can boost your memory or your thinking power? another crap! well then, you don't need those garbage for you to have a good thinking power. The thing that you should need is perseverance (not ring of health and void stone ).
However, there is this one thing that keeps me on my true self ant that simple thing is "faith in Him". He will always be there for you wether you are a pesky human or an angel. He gives us the strength to pass our obstacles and He will be watching us and our love ones. Just don't blame Him when something happens that you may hate. Just believe. :)

This is a new portion of my blog, the "You want to review?". Well what is this all about? It's about me reviewing different kinds of sh!t to review ranging from games, music, bands, and everything you want me to review. You want me to review something? just send me. At the same time, I will review what I want to review. The first thing that I will review will be the PS2 game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas... mmmmmmy favorite! I finished this game 2 times even though you can finish this masterpiece for a month. :) Anyway, what is the greates playstation 2 game of all time?

It's got to be Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas by Rockstar Games! Not just because it's free roam(meaning you can do whatever you want) and you can do a killing frenzy. The thing that made this game so good is almost everything like the storyline, the atmosphere, the realism, and much more to say. This game is well balanced by factors.
The story starts in the 90's where the protagonist Carl Johnson or much famous for the name of CJ. Carl Johnson was having a nice and healthy life in Liberty City when he knew that his brother and his mother were murdered by their rival gangs in Los Santos. Being aware on the incident, he went back home. Expecting for a nice welcoming, it gets worse. Tenppenny, the police who makes fun of CJ and his gang, still makes fun of him, his brother blaming him for the death of their mother and brother, and worst of all, Orange Grove gang is going back to their weak state.

Gta San Andreas got it all, the good driving game, the best action scenes, and many alternative mini games depending on the activity of the situation. Do you want to know a game where everything has it? A game where Sims 2, Fight Night, Max Payne, Hitman, Metal gear, mercenaris, Top Gun, and Gran Turismo combined in a hybrid? Well, you are looking at it. Life simulation is applied in this game wherin when you eat too much you get fat while when you starve yourself you get thin. Working out will make make your muscles pack and taking over territories will earn you and your gang respect.
CJ with Cesar and Varrios Los Aztecas.

The places in this game are based on the west coast of United States wherein Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas are alternated to Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas correspondingly. Every detail of the places are marvelous from the white Hollywood letters in LA (Vinewood in San Andreas) to the Colorful Casinos of Las Vegas.

The radio stations are also great and features a variety of great music suitable for each of the great environment you can explore. Vehicles are well modeled from the cars of the 90's. There's much to say to this hit masterpiece and it will give you a month to finish the story mode alone excluding the sidemissions and did I mention it is freeroam? There is even a multiplayer just for fun of roaming around and slaughtering or doing stunts. In the United States, this game was banned after it changed the ESRB to Adult's only because of some hackers editing a program and activating this sort of "Hot coffee mod" where you can play a mini-game where CJ is having a quickie scene on some of his girlfriends.

Anyway, this game is good for sure and it's going to make you busy especially when you play it in summer. Don't just rent it, buy it! It's worth it to show your son in the future and tell it in his face "THis is my favorite game when I was your age!" :)

You want to know the result? It's 10/10!!!

I remembered when my pop used to tell me about the craze on Atari 2600 way back then when they were young. He told me it was heaven you hold the horizontal controller on your perspiring hand because of the excitement and moving the smooth joystick with your thumb. Playing "Asteroids", Pac-man, and some games similar to Galaga and Life Force were so good it's like playing Tekken 6 or Red Alert 3 today. My pop did not had the chance to grab one of those treasures instead he use to pay and play. You know the usual rent we are doing here in the present. After the Atari fell off it's feet, The Super-famicom invaded the stores of the Philippines like shoving Atari away from each of the televisions plugging on it. By that time, my pop and his sisters owned one of those classic gemstones. Enough for the introduction. That historical story is just the reason why I am addicted to video games. Well, not too addicted that I neglect my precious studies just to play those luxuries but the fact that I love video games will remain the fact.
The first console I got my hands on was the superfamicom. Yes, that is the famicom of my pop. It still runs but not smoothly as it should be but nonetheless, playable and enough to entertain 5 or 6 people watching you overtaking those slow traffic in "Road Fighter". Like any other electronics, the superfamicom I owned last for about 6 months and it really was so sad.
Though jus a couple of years, I owned a Sony Playstation. The should-be idea of Nintendo but they did not like the idea so Sony used that idea of CD-Rom instead of those shaky and heavy cartridges though Cartridges are capable of non-loading games. ANyway, PLaystaion started my true entertainment. Playing Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, and so much more. I also started playing bloody games at the age of 8 like Mortal Kombat 4 but it did not affected my psychological behaviour because of my mom who keeps nagging me of saying "Don't imitate those fools". The life-span of my PS lasted for 3 solid years of pure excitement and entertainment.
Today, I still brought my childhood and I still lay video games especially with my friends. Dota is one of our artillery when it comes to addiction. I also bought gaming magazines for news, updates, and reviews. When the time comes, I will show all of my collections to my son/s and/or daughter/s for them to realize what truly am I. Well anyway, Just sharing a bit of a history. I am too sleepy to continue. Until next time. Hope u enjoyed a bit...... :)

So this is my first post in this Blogger. I will type in mainly anything I want to express or share in this thing. Most of the time, I will have opinions on anything revolving in this thing called life so I don't give a sh!t for trash talkers or crappy insults on whatever on what I want to share the whole world but you can give comments and maybe I can respond to it. Anyway, thanks for the visit and have fun.

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