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I'm a talkative guy. Anything I want to share whether it's non-sense or not, it just comes out of my mouth like an unstoppable horde of bulls. Since I'm writing a blog, why not share it right? Maybe I will share this kind of post every now and then even though I know people don't really care but anyway here it goes.

What is my internet homepage?

Well, my home page is Yahoo!. I'm not really a fanatic of all thousands of Yahoo apps out there in fact I usually visit Yahoo! groups, Yahoo! mail, and Yahoo! messenger only. So why Well, I just want to be updated to the latest news. When an important event happens, in just about 19 seconds it's already on Yahoo. When I double click that FireFox icon, I am already staring at that blank page waiting to load and then poof! an updated news for me. Not only it shares the latest info but even facts and tips like in health for example and even geography which really is a fine topic for me.

Which internet browser do I prefer?

Well, I love using Mozilla Firefox because it's simple, fast, and easy to use. Other browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer is are okay but I prefer simplicity over quality.

What is my favorite drink(aside from water)?

I love Soya milk, Fresh Milk, Lemonade, Grape juice, Grand Matador brandy, and stuff but my favorite drink is going to be Fresh Milk, Nestle Fresh Milk to be exact. I usually sleep late at night and Fresh Milk is my best friend during those lonely nights especially if I have a problem. It's like I'm crying beside that mug of Milk and a few sip will calm me down.

What is my favorite sleeping position?

Starfish position is my favorite. Just like a starfish lying on the sand, your hands at your side and your legs pointing downward. There are times that it's very hard for me to sleep and for those situations, I go for the side position facing at my left hugging my hot dog South Park pillow.

I can't think of anything more now. I'll try to think more next time.


Dedicated to all people who don't care!

It's Christmas vacation yet again and we had few experiences on our professors last November and the half of december. I think it's time for me to review again all the professors though I won't review some because some retained and I won't review them anymore because I already did. So for the reviews:

Operating Systems - Well, he is indeed a good professor and I really learned a lot. He is a low tempered professor and he really does make exams well. He is cool.

Integral Calculus - I won't rant on her skills because she is good but she has a low volume voice. Imagine your television is on a volume 1 even with her Lapel mic. Anyway, let her pass.

Moral Theology - (review done in the previous post)

Principles of Marketing - Do you know the pokemon Clefairy? well they have the same physical structure and she is as well as harmless. It's like everything you do related to her topic is right. Lot's of activities, and I gotta love that candy prize.

Graphics and Multimedia Systems - Every meeting, I always notice his attire and that is the retro styled fashion polo tucked in his pants with a leather belt. I just hate the self study method. He teaches flash so he just put Instructions in MS Word format in every pc on the lab and there you go. Talk about hassle free professors.

Database 2 - (review done)

Object Oriented Programming - (review done but I still had ERRORS)

Research applications and methods - She's a hardworking prof and so hardworking that she's never been absent, completes the one and a half hour meeting, and of course a quiz every meeting. At least, not much of a problem.

Fundamentals of Accounting Part2 - Let's save the worst for last and if my first accounting was good, this one was the grandmommy of all motherfuckin terror prof. She discusses fast like a bullet train and she insults each and every one of us like we are ingrates. I wish I would pass this subject and I wish there is a rehabilitation center for profs like her.

That's about it and these are the reasons why I didn't have a lot of updates.

P.S. : Dedicated to all my Blockmates in San Beda especially to Chay Villacorta for nagging me everyday to make this review, those students under those professors, and to the professors of course.

Every time I hit the power button on the remote, 75% of the time I see the barbaric massacre of Maguindanao and hear the sorrow of the Mangudadatu family. It was not just a massacre; it’s a tragic event that will be remembered in Philippine History. With this event, the Philippines is recorded to be the most dangerous country in the world.

So it all started when Esmael Mangudadatu, vice mayor of Bulalan, Maguindanao, came up with the idea of running as governor against Andal Amapatuan Jr., the present governor of Maguindanao, in the 2010 elections. Esmael Mangudadatu was threatened by Gov. Ampatuan so his wife, sisters, media, and others will file the candidacy because of the fear to be killed by the henchmen of Ampatuan. But that was not stopped the evil minions. The Convoy were blocked and brought to a concealed area and there they were all massacred barbarically including some innocent casualties that were mistakenly picked as part of the convoy. Or wait I think I was mistaken, everybody is innocent.

It was a disgrace like the massacre was not so human as if it is ordered by Satan. Slaughtering all innocent people barbarically and then burying in earth’s soil just for power? And to make things worse, these muslim murderers diabolically killed their own people. It was so hard to imagine. I saw some uncensored pics of the victims and it will make everyone kill the Ampatuans. Almost 50 were identified and found so mainly 50 families were suffering. Their beloved loveones torn apart, their faces were unrecognizable, deformed, and their bodies were like butchered animals. I don’t need to enumerate all the wrong things they have done because I think everybody knows.

The Massacre affected every Filipinos on earth not because we are declared as 2nd dangerous country on earth but for the fact that such people existed and here they are in the Philippines. It started in the Power, then the corruption and then the thirst for more power and so on. It’s a poisonous endless cycle and as time goes, it gets worse. Where is being a human? Where is Religion? Where is unity? Where is Love? Where is everything? Good luck for finding those in that situation because there only exist one thing in that event and that is hell.

They betrayed their religion, brothers, and themselves. Innocent muslims were being discriminated because of such events. Filipinos were being discriminated by other countries.

But the most affected in this situation is Esmael Mangudadatu and the relatives of all the victims because seeing all your love ones battered like wild animals, it’s a torture.

I hope that will be the last of such event will happen.

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