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Definitely Unique

"Good afternoon. My name is Russell. And I am a wilderness explorer in tribe 54, Sweat lodge 12. Are you in need of any assistance today, sir?". Haha, so memorable and funny. Up is the latest movie of Disney Pixar films and it's good for its unique storyline. I am 18 years old and I love Disney Pixar films because I grew up with them and anticipated each movie. The first pixar movie made was Toy Story in 1995 and I was four years old back then. From that time, the CGI effects was so damn cool and unbelievable besides the game consoles back then were the Super Nintendo and the Playstation had been released on the US. two years later it was followed by A bug's life which never disappoints because it's excellent. They also made a sequel to the super hit Toy Story which is great too. After that, they made brand new unique themes becaue toys and insects were too fund to kids so they made Monster's Inc, Finding Nemo, Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille,Wall-E, and finally Up.

Up is centered on a grouchy old man named Carl Fredricksen where he usually thinks of the dream of his late wife of putting their house beside the paradise falls in South America. Still determined, he never gave up and since he is a balloon vendor, he use the house as an airship through Paradise Falls by grasping ten thousands of balloons over it and did the impossible, fly. Being so calm, a 9-year old Wilderness explorer kid was accidentally joined by the flying house of Carl. Now their journey begins.

The movie was so unique in terms of plots and characters though this is a kid's movie, it will never dissapoint adult audiences. Watching the trailer, people will give the impression of the movie being so chidish but I'm sure after they watch it, they will take it back. I also like the how the movie give importance on sentimental value, what is it? well I can't tell because it may spoil you if you have'nt watch it yet.

If you are the type sensitive-type of person, then maybe this is for you because there is this one part that I almost cry. Yeah, no joke that's why I made this review just because of the fact that it reached my feelings that affect my nervous system to say "GO WATCH THIS MOVIE! to everyone!

My rating

It was a gloomy weekend or rather a tragic weekend when storm "Ondoy" ravaged Metro Manila and other provinces in Region 3 and 4. It was a horrible weekend for me because there was a blackout at around 4 pm last Saturday I think and electric current came back at 4 pm Sunday. It's so hard because you can't do anything like you are in a torture chamber with blindfold tied in a chair because I can't go out the house since the rain is never ending. It was saturday when I posted my rainy post since internet just came back this morning. Due to this crisis, there were no classes today.

I didn't expect this to be something serious because I though it was just an ordinary rain or something but watching those victims on the news, I realized it was so horrible. Marikinia City was rampaged and flood is beyond human level. Today, their situation is horrible and many of them are tormented. Their properties were damaged or worse gone forever. Watching the news just crumples my feelings because as I see them, I can feel their sorrow and punishment. The worst part is that this storm murdered hundreds of people due to the flood and some are missing.

This tragic moment could also be a lesson for the people. Maybe if our garbages were thrown properly and if thousand trees were not chopped down, there is a medium chance that this incident will not be a nightmare for everybody. Let's face it, we are also in charge of this and starting today could be the beginning of change. It's time to be fair to Mother Nature so she will aslo be fait on us. For the victims, all I can say is that they should be strong and faithful and don't let this storm be the end of our lives for this is just an obstacle to test how strong we are to God.

Even my weekend was killjoyed by this storm, I am still thankful that we are still in good condition and our homes are not terrorized though this is not a sign for the lucky ones to celebrate but instead it's time for us to help the victims and most importanly, pray for them.
This is just another calamity and expect more in the future and I believe the worst is yet to come and this time, preparation is a must.

I hope you ,reader, are okay and God Bless.

It's not going to be a pleasant weekend. Our roof produces banging sound due to the billions of droplets of water falling from the sky. The rain is too strong and I am stuck in my seat since I should be in the gym working my muscles out. In this kind of situation, video games will be my best friend and I can't do anything about it. It's too unfair don't you think like the storm should be on a weekday so that we can take extra rest days though for the others it suits fine because they have classes during saturday. Unfortunately for me, Saturday is a rest day for me.

Damn, I really hate this storm. I am not a sleeping hog during siesta time. I don't know but I just hate it since I was a kid. Sleeping in the afternoon is not stored in my long term memory.
Well, what can I do? Nobody can control the weather and just go with the flow. Anyway, the rain still continues...

Have you experienced reading a book or a newspaper and then while you are reading your eyes glimpse on this long quote italicized between two pairs of quotation marks and while you're reading the quote, you'll say "Hey! that's from my favorite movie, Citizen's Kane!". That usually happens to me not just by reading but also from tv shows, people's shirt, and on the radio perhaps.

Movie quotes reminds us of the best movies we watched and for me, a good movie is incomplete without a cool or rare quote. It is the essential memory of the good old days that we watch that movie and to image the movie character in our minds. Here are my top five movie quotes.

5.) "
In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women. "
- Tony "Scarface" Montana

You bet! it's from Scarface (1983) directed by Brian De Palma. It's the story of Tony Montana, a Cuban exile who wants to live the American Dream. For Tony Montana, life is tough in Miami that's why he explained it to Manny, his best friend, how things work in America. The quote is funny because how he said it in the movie is like an exaggerated joke but later in the movie, you will see how he really is serious on what he say. Tony's quotes are priceless like he said "This is paradise, I'm tellin' ya. This town like a great big pussy just waiting to get fucked". My laugh was priceless. Still, out of all Tony's quotes, above is my favorite.

4.) "
Tonight, we dine in Hell!!"
- King Leonidas

It's from 300(2007). Need I say more? It's all about the brave Spartans who defend their precious lands from the abusive persians lead by Xerxes. The quote was staright forward nonetheless it shows pure braveness, anger, and devotion. Spartans are not afraid of anything and they are born to fight therefore the quote sums it all up.

3.) "
Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred"
- James Bond

Unlike the widely known Bond quote which is "(My name is) Bond, James Bond", this one is not memorable for non James Bond fans but for the fans, Vodka Martini is equal to James Bond. It is always associated to our favorite spy and I think Bond ordered a Vodka Martini to all Bond movies. It may not be as famous as the known quote but everytime I am in a bar, it's more interesting to say this to the bartender.

2.) "
One shall stand, One shall fall!"
- Optimus Prime

Damn! it was the final confrontation of Optimus Prime and Megatron . From the 1986 movie of Transformers, definitely it's a masterpiece. The movie was a continuation of the animated series and this is the time where Optimus Prime raged from the autobot base to face Megatron to end it all. That was intense because you will feel from Prime's voice that this is gonna be it! Megatron's going down! It was like Gouku versus Freeza or no its Neo versus agent smith or maybe Ryu versus Akuma. I don't know it's everything the world waited. I just don't want to spoil and definitely this quote rocks!

1.) "
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get"
-Forrest Gump

If you haven't watched Forrest Gump, then you missed the half of your life. It's one of the best movies I ever watched and I don't mind if I watch it over and over because the movie is never tired of giving me laughs, inspiration, and tears. Whenever you hear this, oh it's Forrest Gump and I know most of you know it. If you have'nt watched it yet, then search your family's movie collection after reading this. The quote is actually funny and it is the main structure of the movie. To understand what I am saying, watch Forrest Gump now!

I love the classic Transformers animated series. It is the one that started all the tranformania and me and my dad was a big fan of Transformers since my dad is an automaniac and I am a cartoon-maniac so you got the point. The animated series was aired first in the 80's but lately they started to rerun the episodes in the 90's that's why I knew all about it. I remembered they even made a movie of the series in 1986 that was called "The Transformers: The movie". I saw the movie on a cable channel when I was 11 years old I think and it was good but then again, I watched it again last year so I can really criticize on it maybe because I was a child when I saw it so maybe it was not good but then again, it's really good! no doubt!

The year was 2007 when they released a live-action transformers movie directed by Micheal Bay. When I saw the trailer, my jaw dropped for the reason of the great cg effects. The trailer teased the people because it showed awesomeness the movie has. So what can I say? I gotta watch that whatever it takes. It was a 21 year gap and for that long, long time it's gonna be awesome! So there I go I watched the movie and then what? Well, the movie was intense and it was an epic I mean it's a comeback and definitely people are gonna like this. It was great and I really liked the fact that Optimus Prime is still voiced by Peter Cullen from the original animated series. Awesome effects, great story, and boy what an epic. It's excellent no doubt only one problem, they made disastric changes. I was expecting that the teenage boy will be Spike, you know from the animated series but then what happened? his name was Sam. There are decepticons that I cannot recall from the movie like Barricade the police car. WTF? I thought knew Decepticons are all planes. oh yeah, there is one energon cube wherein the series there are too many! yeah I know they didn't change the whole thing but I still want the old spirit to retain. I'm glad the five autobots are from the original. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Ratchet, and Jazz. I understand that they cannot all include the original autobots since there are too many and definitely it will be too hard for the people who are in charge in the cg animations though I would prefer Hound over Ratchet and WheelJack over Ironhide. It was sad that Jazz has been separated in half because he was the coolest autobot in the series and he is Optimus' right hand. Still it's a great movie and Non-transformers fans will give it 5 stars. For fans, it's still excellent but they can't resist this feeling of squeezing more from the movie. They released a sequel and everybody knew about it. It follows the story of the first. No comment there.

Today, they recreate the animated series like "Transformers Armada" and "Transformers animated" but both of them suck because it targets young audiences unlike the first one. I also hate their appearances on the latter because they look liked scrap metals from Ben 10. Anyway, at least they try to remain the spirit of the robots that entertains our childhood and manhood. Still, nothing beats the original and it still rocks unlike the remakes. Well, we can't do anything about it because as technology develops, they try to change things to make it more different to increase it's lifespan. Only they didn't know that they are destroying a masterpiece instead of reviving it. Anyway, I hope there will be the day that I they will release a transformer film or series and hopefully it would bring the memories of excellency.

Transformers the movie:(1986) trailer

Transformers trailer (2007)

Today is a regular holiday because it's the ending day of Ramadan wherein this is the holy day for them. If Christians have Christmas and Jews have Hanukkah, Muslims have their Ramadan. Here in the Philippines, there are so many communites of muslims especially on Mindanao, the southern part of our country. To give respect to their last day of Ramadan, we considered this day as a regular holiday. Sad to say that some people don't give a damn on this day because all they care is to rest at their fairly homes or maybe have fun to other places.

I'm not saying that we should also be on their shoes to be holy and to celebrate but at least that this day be remembered for them or that we at least give a bit of suppport is enough for them. I believe muslims give a little support to our celbration during Christmas. Some Muslim Merchants are selling christmas decors, toys for christmas, and all other stuff for us to have a happy holidays. Even though christmas is not included in their tradition, at least in this little supportive way and especially rememebering our precious celebraton of the birth of Christ is enough. After 4 or 5 months, go outside your house and ask someone when is the ending day of Ramadan. do you think they will remember?

Different people, different beliefs, and different religions composes all communites living throughout Earth so it doesn't mean we have to fight each other or something like that. Well, I hope we are aware of this day throughout even majority of filipinos are christians because filipino muslims are stil filipinos.

Let's chill out for a while and I'm going to share the lyrics of a great classic song by Joe Lamont. While you're reading the lyrics, why don't you load up some streaming video or some Imeem so you can sing with me. haha.

Victims Of Love - Joe Lamont

Our hearts have been to battle
Our souls have been to war
We've lost the will to carry on , we don't believe no more
Oh why is it that we got it set
That this could never happen to us
How could it be . cause baby here we are

Victims of love are broken down unfair
So sad to see the debris
Scattered everywhere
Victims of love , still cannot believe
We are the victims of love
We cannot retreat

It used to be so easy , it used to be so good
We had an understanding that got misunderstood
I thought we are survivors and we'll never go down
But now were just outsiders as our love
Comes stumbling down

Victims of love are broken down unfair
So sad to see the debris
Scattered everywhere
Victims of love , still cannot believe
We are the victims of love
We cannot retreat

Maybe we played it a little bit to sure
And everything is hearts and roses
Now fate stand still and closed the door
And we were just left standing
Till we realized the ending
Why so near...
Where do we go from here...

Victims of love are broken down unfair
So sad to see the debris
Scattered everywhere
Victims of love , still cannot believe
We are the victims of love
We cannot retreat

Here's a link in YouTube so you can at least feel the melody of it. It has some Final Fantasy 8 animations. yeah! one of the greatest games in the PlayStation Console.

I just had an ordinary day and I want to relax so I'm not going to post some thoughts today. Maybe tomorrow or on tuesday. Anyway, this song is laughable to some people because it's too old and they don't get the hang of it but I love this song and frankly it's better than your usual rap songs. So while your reading at it, try to listen to the music or better yet, download it!

What do you call an insect that flies and has colorful wings? The answer is obvious, yeah don't say it because I hate it and I am afraid of it. No joke.

I don't know I just hate butterflies. Even though it's colorful to the human eye, it creeps me out because he flies like a killer. I don't know why I am scared with those pieces of shit and the only explanation I can say is that they are scary, for me. To make things worse, there are these creatures widely known as moths! Damn if butterflies were scary, moths are like grim reapers. I searched Microsoft Encarta on how they differ. According to Mr. Encarta, Butterflies are active during the day and Moths are active during the night. Butterflies are usually colorful unlike Moths which are brown in majority. Moths have hairy antennas unlike those of the butterflies. As you can see, I know all about them even though I want to burn all those creatures. Yes, it's kinda embarrassing since everyone loves them and I think I'm one of the few people who has mothephobia but I think we have our own unusual fear. I even know a few people who are scared of more unusal animals and things like birds, balloons, peach, and pickles. Good thing there I seldom see butterflies around Manila where my college school, San Beda College, is located. My friends usually laugh at my unusual fear but I believe they have their own fears too.

Well, That's my fear. I just want to share it even though it's unlikely to share it.

Last Wednesday I was in SM MegaMall and one of my malling habit is taking on the gamezones like Timezone, EGG, Netopia etc. It's been a long time since I was in Timezone so maybe that was the chance to blast away myself with pure gaming goodness. The first thing that blew my gaming desire was this arcade machine plastered with a sticker "New Arrival" written on it and above the screen says a BIG Street Fighter 4 pushing through my face!

It's been a long time since a street fighter game came out like it was the 3rd part of the series specifically Street Fighter 3: 3rd strike. I did not recognized it much besides it's not much of a sequel to the second because all it had was new characters that did'nt made an impact to my face unlike the fourth of the series. Let's have a little history before tackling the latest of the series so we can keep in track.

The first street fighter game was realeased on Nintendo Entertainment System and on arcade in 1987 and the only character you can play is Ryu, a lone martial artist. A second player can join in and he/she can control of another martial artist named Ken which is not too different with Ryu except the appearance. The sequel of the game was released in 1991-1995 in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and arcade which is Street Fighter 2. This game was like a rocket blasting off the earth since it rocked all gamers around the world for being one of the best fighting game ever made. This time, it featured better graphics, new moves, and most importanty a varied choice of great characters and still including Ryu and Ken which is historically great. They made different versions of the game which is not really neccessary though it includes updates , added new characters, and features including the TURBO mode which is copied and imitated until now. When the Playstation was out on the market, they released some sideteps like the alpha series including new characters (again) and some varied style of gameplay. The 3rd strike series was famous on the arcade so I have not track much of it.

2 years ago, I read an article that Street Fighter 4 will be released and I was so excited to grab my hands on it. The article inculdes some images and I saw E.Honda and Guile fighting each other on Chun-li's homestage on street fighter 2 but with better graphics. WOW! it's like a remake? well not exactly remake but the game is historical! Oh my fuck! that's gonna be great!

The long wait is over, My pair of eyes is the witness that it's already here in the Philippines! This is gonne be cool! I saw two guys battling out with each other! I even remembered their characters like it was Balrog versus Ryu. I haven't played it yet, but I can see that they made major improvements which is nice like they have this new counter attack which produces trails of black ink when executed. The characters from the 2nd game and alpha series, are included but some original characters Dee jay is not included which is bullshit instead they added yet again another group of steroclowns like C.Viper, El Fuente, and this big fat guy named Rufus. Some people consider them cool, but I don't like them much because they are like no street fighterish I mean for me they belong in the Marvel vs. Capcom series. I like Abel though. He's a new character though he looks cool other than the 3. Yes, it still begs for variations and improvements to increase its replayability but for a street fighter fan like me, I still want to have the spirit of the classic series like if I play it, I will have those nostalgic memories when I was a kid playing the famous SF 2.

If you are not a street fighter fan, well you should give it a try and maybe you can be one yourself. If YOU ARE a street figther fan, it's a must and definitely we should celebrate that the Spirit of Street Fighter is alive. It will be great if I am like 27 years old and there will be street fighter 8 or 9? Well, that may be untrue but it won't hurt to expect right? Well that's it for now, thanks for reading and God Bless!

Last monday, I got home at about 8 o'clock and ready to surf the net. Pressing double click on the Mozilla shortcut icon on my desktop is a daily routine everyday to check some updates on my Facebook, add some post here in my blog, and of course checking my Yahoo mail besides my homepage is Yahoo because it shows the latest news around the globe. Speaking of which, I saw this image of Kanye West taking Taylor Swift's mic from the video music awards. All I knew was Taylor won the best female video award. She was about to get her trophy when Kanye storms over and grabbed the mic saying "Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but Beyoncé has one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!" from his dirty lungs. He was booed while disrespecting Taylor. That's so stupid like if I were Taylor I'll say "The hell I care".

It's disrespectful and I believe that many people will hate Kanye for his undesirable behaviour. He acts like a stupid brat besides it's a video music awards not a rapping contest for fuck's sake. I am not a fan of Taylor Swift and definitely I am not a Kanye fan either but if you will check every corner of that situation, the blame will be 100% on Kanye.

Some black americans are still discriminated in different ways people can ever imagine. If they will keep on doing such things, they will be discriminated forever. I don't want to be biased but white people should also change the way on how they look on blacks like some movies depict them as lower class americans which is definitely not right.

Kanye owes a big apology to Taylor and I mean big though I heard on some news that Kanye apologized in the Jany Leno Show but even though he apologizes a hundred times, his reputation will still be under and that incident will be remembered. As for Taylor, she deserves her award and good thing she's not trying to fight back. She knew that it's better to shut up than cause more issues that may ruin her career. So Kanye, one more strike and your carreer will be out.

I am the only son of my mom and dad. Every time I share this quote to someone, they always reply "Oh that's great! it means that your parents grant you everything you wish for". Yes, I heard this line a lot and I mean a lot like most of the the time on a conversation, I don't know why but I can't help myself from refraining that I am the one and only in my family and instead of feeling sad on my part, they are actually jealous which in fact I am jealous with them because they have siblings to have fun with. Well, I guess the saying is right that everyone is not contented with their lives. Oh yeah, I am alone in this house while I was writing this. 5:30 pm September 15,2009 (Happy Monthsary babe!).

To make this situation worse, I have few cousins. In my father's side, there are zero cousins and in my mother's side I have 4 but they live far away from our home and I cannot manage to meet them or to socialize with them. There are times that I am alone in my house begging for company even though there so many entertainment systems around me like there is the TV and Playstation 2. Beside it is our Personal Desktop Computer and in my room is some of the miscellaneous devices like the Ipod,cellphones etc. Good thing I did not grew up with an imaginary friend or I will end up crazy. Whenever I have 50 pounds worth of homework, I do it myself and I seldom ask my parents to help me with it because I want to practice my responsibilty as a teenager though when I was in 1st grade my mom usually do all my homework.

As you can see, this is all my frustration as an only child but I don't want to end up on suicide just because of this. God made everything like this for a reason and lately I realized most of them. Maybe if I was not alone, I may not be in a proper school or college and maybe my life will be better in the future because of this destiny that God gave me. Suppose to be I have a brother but unfortunately he died when my mom gave birth to him. Luckily, my mom was okay. My brother should be 14 by now and maybe we often quarrel, play video games, and some brothery-love things. Maybe that incident , even though it's tragic, has a significance that affected the future of our family life and maybe it has a definite reason that God only knows and maybe we may know in the future.

Even though I am alone, I am still thankful that I have both my parents taking care of me and they still love me more than themselves. I think that's better than having siblings because at least they tought me things needed to face the gruesome modern world. That's how a person should do it. Self-pity won't do anything because it's just a waste of time and it can result to depression. We must find hope and we must keep our faith for us to live a wonderful life. We must thank God for all the wonderful things he had done for us and we must trust him more than anyone.

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts and hopefully you learned something. Thank you for your time and God Bless!

Animes are cartoons derived from Japanese comics specifically manga that expresses pure Japanese Frustration. It seems that some Japanese people are not contented with their looks of their faces and bodies so what they created is an art of imagination and dream. It's funny that the similarity of manga characters and the people who created them is their pure white skin and maybe their personalites. Anyway, it's not that I am blaming them for not being contented but in that way it is better rather than doing plastic surgeries and stuff. Japanese beings are really creative on such things even on gameshows.

I remembered when Ghost Fighter aired on TV like I was 7 years old to be exact. I am with my mom and dad and we are on the way home from the marketplace and we are in hurry because it's already 7 o clock and it's Ghost Fighter that is airing that time. It's funny though that every house and establishment we pass by is showing Ghost Fighter on their tv screens that's why everytime we got home, I am still intact and on my momentum of the anime. It was popular I mean every household in the philippines knows it like if you don't know it, you might be living on a cave. Yeah seriously, because even those people without homes anticipate on the nearest "turo turo" to be on the flow of the storyline.

Again, I would like to share some of my favorite toons with big-eyed human beings, Spiky-haired thugs, Perfoct body ladies, and a handsome plot.

Ghost Fighter - Of course, do I need to say more? A story of a rough teenager who doesn't care of anything but himself and of course, everybody hates him until he saved a little child crossing the street causing his death. He was given another chance though to improve his life again and after that, his life was changed. He then encounter different incidents on fighting monsters and improving himself to be a great fighter. The story was predictable but back then it surpised all filipino mind and they were shocked on how those japanese people think.

Dragon Ball Z- Oh my, one of the longest series of animes I watched and definitely it's worth it. There is this human like creature called Sayan who fell down to earth and then found by this old man who sees potential on him and trained him to be a fighter. Then, there are these thing called Dragon Balls and there seven of them. If you got all of them, a dragon will appear and grant you a wish. The crystal balls will scatter again throughout the earth for you to find again. It has so many sagas and chapters that it has a lot of unique characters. The story is good and well created.

I have encountered so many animes that if I wrote them down, it might be as long as my mom's grocery lists. Maybe I will review some on the future. Sorry for the lame work because I am tired and I just wanna rest. Though I was just a bit bored and maybe it won't hurt to still update this blog. I hope you enjoyed reading this crap and God Bless!

Most of us chilled on cartoons when we're 4 years old to 10 years old. Kids love it since it so colorful and mainly they contain every imagination a kid could think of. Have you experienced this one time like you are lying on your couch holding your remote and you change channels at a constant time and then you will glimpse on your favorite cartoon when you are young? It is so nostalgic that you will watch it instead of some shows you used to watch then all of a sudden your folks are on the back saying "What are you watching? Are you a preschool or something?". Yes, all my relatives annoyingly rant that on me except my Aunt Nancee because she knew that I feel the rewinding enjoyment of my childhood days and I know she does watching those cartoons. I remembered she was watching Rugrats with me when I was in the second grade because she liked the concept of the cartoon.

Although I am old enough to watch those R-18 movies and shows, I still watch some of my favorite cartoons because it is not forbidden and I am entertained. Last night, there was a re-run of my favorite episode of the classic series of "Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles" (I hate the new series because the characters are too serious looking like those of Justice League) and I smiled with no one around me because I was alone that evening. Those were the days, still I can still see their openings because most of them are uploaded in YouTube which really is nice.

I am gonna show some of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid and they are not in order. I'm just gonna share you a part of my childhood and maybe it's a part of your childhood too.

Kevin's Favorite Cartoons

Rugrats - "A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do". That was a memorable line by Tommy, my favorite character in one of the cutest characters in Nickelodeon. Tommy is the main character in series with his friends Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Suzie, Kimmy,his brother dil, and his evil cousin Angelica. Oh I yeah and his dog Spike. Man I still remember their names. I didn't look up on the internet for their names, no joke. What I love about these babies is their imagination on such things and those imaginations where mostly the topic of every single episode of the Rugrats. It's even ironic that the babies love Reptar, Their favorite cartoon character that looks like a big godzilla-dinosaur hybird dragon, and they are afraid of the those clown toys.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Oh man the classic series rock. I love those guys and they never fail to amuse me. They are four pizza-maniac turtles namely Leonardo, Michealangelo, Raphael, and Donatello lead by their master Splinter, an old karate master rat, to fight crime in the streets on New York. They even include human allies like April, a newsreporter, and Casey, a vigilant. What's a fighting crime cartons without badass evil villains like Krang, Shredder, Baxter stockman, Beebop and Rockesteddy, Rat King, and Leather Head. I love the action comedy style of the cartoons and it not too violent for children. Just gotta love it especially when Michealangelo, my favorite turtle, show off his moves. All I can say is Cowabunga!

X-Men - The old series of x-men is good but the action was a bit more violent since the characters are so realistic. The only thing that is not realistic is their mutant powers which is the main aspect of the series. It's a story of mutant beings who saves mankind from evil mutant beings. I love the origins of how they became mutants because those itself can be their each cartoon series and X-Men is all those series combined togehter. Just count all the mutants including those evil ones and that's how many shows it can make.

Pokemon - To be honest, I still watch it because until today they make new series of pokemon base on the gameboy and nintendo DS games. The first batch of pokemons were only 150 but now I think there are at least 500 and that's so much. It was a story of a determined kid named Ash who wants to become a pokemon master with his favorite pokemon Pikachu. Along the way, he encounter new species and new friends as well. The cartoon was nice because it shows the true value of friendship.

Two stupid Dogs - I often watch this on Cartoon Network and I usually laugh when I watch this. They don't even have names like I just call it yellow and grey because that is their color. Just two stupid dogs on their stupid journey. You think this is a bad cartoon? well ain't that cute, but it's WRONG!

there are more cartoons I watch like Rocko's modern life, Ren and Stimpy, Captain Planet, and the list goes on. Part 2 will be about the cartoon of Japan commonly knowns as Animes and usually based on Manga (comics). I hope you had a nostalgic time and if you didn't, try to watch search them on Youtube so you can at least feel what we feel.

It was a boring weekend and I was bored, of course, and I tried to dig our mountain pile of DVDs and I found this movie of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover Lethal Weapon. It is an action-comedy movie that was filmed in 1987. The DVD was a collection type so I scheduled my time watching the first part and the sequel this weekend then the other two to be accomplished next weekend. I remember my father watching these movies when I was young, maybe 5 years old, and I can't really understand though I laugh on some moments so what I did is to watch it again so I can understand the whole thing.

It's a story of two cops, Marin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh, who are incompatibly partners due to their nature that served the chaotic streets of L.A. The prologue started with a woman in lingerie taking drugs that made her jump from a nearly a top of the building causing her death which is the case to be solved throughout the movie. Roger Murtaugh is an old father of a big family who gets tired and conscious of him being old because he reached 50. When he got to the headquarters, he was given a new partner named Marting Riggs who is a vigilant skillful cop and a hotheaded freak who wants to solve anything with guns,specifically killing, though his abilites were remarkable thus the title "Lethal weapon" refers him. The barbaric attitude of Riggs was caused by the death of his wife and often he remembers

The case of the suicidal woman was given to them and they found out that it's a homicide not a suicide. They found out that the father of the victim is a friend of Murtaugh in which Rog owes his life. Rog then was force to kill the mastermind with Riggs which is in favor of doing. Then, they encounter more cases and most of the time Roger was feeling sick of having Martin as his partner.

It is an ironic type of movie in which two very different people who dislikes each other became the best of friends at the end. I am not spoiling you since it had 3 sequels meaning they both really had a great time fighting crime. If you are interested on old-school comedy-action movies then definitely this is for you. I love old-school movies because they never fail to impress me in terms of storyline and special effects. The effects may not be as good as today but it gives you this distinctive mood that in the 80's, my father loved this movie.

Oveall, it was a really good movie. Retro style movie at it's best and it gives pure entertainment at it's best. Mel Gibson's acting is cool like it is the icing on Mel Gibson. If you are bored, you might as well check this out because it's going to blow laugher and excitement. In the scaling of five stars, I might as well give it a 4.5/5.

To watch the trailer, copy this link..

I'm a flexible guy you know I can play sports, play video games, read books, watch movies, love to know different facts, and too much more. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor. My reason? pfah! just the heck of it! I just can't think of anything. Then an irony came. Suppose to be you when you are a kid, you should dream of a lot of stuff since you watch cartoons and you want to experiment things, you will say to your parents I want to be fireman or policman... or no no wait! I want to be an actor or a painter and words just go over and over. It's the opposite to me. Today, I want to be everything like I when I watched all six Rocky movies, my inner side is telling me to go learn boxing and stuff. I am not saying that I grow younger, if that makes sense it's just.. uhm.. I don't know but anyway here are my top 5 dream professions! We will start with 5.

5.) Dance Instructor - I am not really good at dancing though I know how to dance and I love it. Dancing is like expressing your personality to the people witnessing your moves. Maybe I'll post something about dance someday.

4.)Actor/Director - Well to be honest, I am the type of guy who wants to be famous. I beg for popularity since I have'nt felt the spirit of being popular when I was a kid though in high school I was well known in the campus but we are not like other High School who has a populaton more than 500. I love acting too same as dancing since it allows you to show all your emotions and stuff. I am also interested in film making so I also wanted to be a director. I'm like a movie critic when I watch movies like after a movie, I rate the movie myself and if it's good, I will recommend it my buddies. If not, well might just leave it in the dust.

3.)Tour Guide - I am interested in traveling and going to the famous landmarks in history like "The Parthenon", Pyramids of Egypt, Sistine Chapel, and the clock tower in London England popularly known as Big Ben. I wanted to become a tourist but the sad fact is that I don't have the cash to travel all over the world. So I want all my frustrations to be released on being the tour guide.

2.)Hacker - For some people, if you are a hacker then you are a geek but for some (like me), you are badass! Being a hacker, for me, is being cool but yeah being a hacker is not an ethical proffesion still just the title implies that you are so wise, clever, and oh yeah did I say badass?

1.) You ready for number 1? I suppose I still don't have it yet. hehe.. sorry for the cliffhanger but hey I am still a college sophomore and I still have 2 years? it may change depending on my likeness. I don't want to dream for a wonderful job this early since there will be more people influencing you to become this, more fun jobs that you can discover, and of course I am still looking for that job that will not just earn me me huge grand but a job that will serve me happiness that even a million dollars can't afford. For now , I am interested on being a System Analyst. Do you think it will be good? well, I still have to wait.

Sounds familiar? of course it is. Who doesn't know this line? Maybe Scotty doesn't know but anyway the line was from Cry by Mandy Moore for those who are not familiar with it. You may ask why Cry? For those who doesn't know me well, I'm a crybaby.
I am not gay in fact I have discussed this in my "Male's feminine side.." post. For me, this is my biggest feminine side since I was a child. In my childhood years, I was bullied and I can't help myself to cry all the time until now I still have the inner seed of crying. I am too emotional since I experienced personal problems that I can't share because it's risky so I just kept it to myself and try to fight it alone. Most of my friends knew that fact but they just don't realize that I secrete tears often. If you are a guy, maybe you heard of this novel-based movie ,"The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks, but if you are a gal then I don't need to explain what it is. I have read the novel, really, and all I can say is that it has one of the best endings in the history of all love stories. Just reading the best-selling novel made me cry so I rushed in to some friends to ask if they have it on DVD so then my aunt have it, popped it in and there you go, wet hanky in my hand. There is this couple of PS2 games like Shadow of the Colossus and Kingdom Hearts 2. I cried watching the ending of SoC since the game is about a hero(he has no name..) who wants to revive his love one by defeating all 16 colossal giants that makes his size looks like amoeba. <SPOILER ALERT>The ending was also the best! He succeed in defeating all giants but he was caught by the feudal lords (I assume) since the habitat of the colossi was forbidden to human beings and killed him. Then for one big surprise the hero became a colossus itself thus the wizard remove the curse to him and at the same time he was killed during the process. While he was about to sucked in to the portal of death, he forces to approach himself to his died love one (tears are already falling from my eye) but he did not succeed and therfore he died. For a miracle twist, the woman was revived but the hero died making it a tragic twist of an ending. That is so sad and the memory of the sorrow ending is carved in my mind and my heart. Well in Kingdom Hearts is actually not a tragic game though it made me cry because of the determination of Sora for retrieving his friends.
I just don't know but I love crying. It cleanses my sad emotions and it really feels good after! I am not ashamed of being a crybaby in fact I am proud of it because not every guy can't express their feelings as I am and some people like me for being a crybaby. For me, it's a brave thing to do but not all the time.

College is fun, right? You got to love that freedom scent, the new people touching your colorful life, and the most threatening professor. Well, I got to be true on the last one. If you are with me all the time, you can describe me as someone who is not contented on everything. I beg for things and spat on some things. Some call it demanding, but some call it a frustration. Pfah! who cares! Here's my comments on my subjects and my professors! For your information I am an Information Technology major. I'm still on my midway to college. This is my second year so expect more rampage to come!

Kevin's list of Nightmares

ICT 04 (Advance programming with c++) - I hope this subject is break time. My professor is good I will give him that but I can't understand him much.

ICT 05 (Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis) - Just a medioker subject. let it Pass. Professor is okay.

ICT 06 (Database and Management Systems) - This subject is a bit easy since it's just MicrosoftAccess. Just about entitites and records though sometimes it can get tricky. Professor is cool!

Filipino 3(Panitikan.....) - I love literature though sometimes my professor is random depending on his mood. Sometimes he is fine and cool and sometimes he is crazy!

English 3(Speech and Communication) - Lot's of activities which makes it interesting but miss professor gives assignment often and most of the time it's so ridiculous and hard to do.

Philosophy 02(Philosophy of Human Life) - For a weird teenager like me, I love the subject since Philosophy is my type of subject because I consider it a deep sanctuary for me to develop. Problem is, again, my professor is boring tough he is funny sometimes.

Accounting 1(Fundamentals of accounting) - It's fine but it can get hard sometimes.

Math 05(Calculus and analytical geometry) - The nightmare of our class. They consider me the mastermind of this subject but they did'nt know I was like on drugs when on this class. Professor is fast paced and most of the time we are unaware that she is discussing a new topic. MAn! take it easy! For fuck sake!

Theology 03(Church History and Sacraments) - This subject is so boring since I don't like history when I was on 1st grade because I really hate memorizing names and dates I mean come on!? It's not my responsibility as a programmer to know the date when the fecal matter returns to someones asshole. Seriously, this is boring. My professor is knowledgeable though.

PE 03(Individual Sports) - It's fun because we had swimming on the first half and now we are taking Judo which is rare and cool. Problem is , it makes you want to puke every end of the session.

As you can see, it's more on the complaints so you think it's frustration? Who knows? Who cares...

Lately, I was observing my posts and I read some and check if there are some errors. It was just a boring day reading this and that but then there is something that lacks in my blog. Something that is red, emotional, and full of love. That's it Love!
Well basically, courtship is considered by many the hardest part of love. If you have been in a couple or dozen relationships, well believe it or not it's just the beginning, literally. After courtship, there are millions of more problems and conflicts to come and will haunt you more than ever. I'm not saying that I am in a bad relationship but that's reality and no one can shift the flow and momentum of this undefined word. For those who are chained in their chair and can't get out of the griping hardships of their courtship, I will give some tips of course from yours truly. I may not be Bob Ong, all I want is to share. It's just an opinion so if you don't agree with it, then just carry on. It is not always accurate since people tend to be different like salt and pepper. Please leave a comment whether good or bad it doesn't matter.

Courting Tips from Yours Truly.

*Try to know them first - Don't be shy for fuck sake! It's not being agressive that you want to know them. Though some women consider that being agressive really. So start with a friendly talk. Don't show any signs of likeness. Imagine you are conversing or asking to your girl classmates or blockmates . Be natural! Learn their personality. If you think both of you jives in, Just go for it! Don't forget to know their interests and likes.

*Don't hide your personality! - Show her the real you. Don't be some other guy when you are with her! It may break your relationship.

*Beauty is the magnet Compliment! - Let us be honest, beauty is the 1st factor why we try to like a woman. Well, not all the time because there are some cases that you interact with some girls then you became friends then you fall in love. Technically, we all start from crushes. You know blushes, pink faces, "kilig" feelings, and fast heart beat. You may think that woman turns on when you like them from being good on the inside so your tendency is to compliment their personality. DON'T LIE! Try to compliment their beauty first before the inside. Trust me! they know if you are lying!

*Date is fun! - Don't be too formal in a date! just be comfortable and introduce yourself until you ran out of words. If there is something you want to say and you are too shy because it's embarassing, don't be! just keep on talking but not to the point wherein all she does is listen. Let her talk. Imagine you are James Bond and you got to know everything with this woman.

*Negative times Negative is Positive - Yes, in a courthsip you should promote yourself right? but for me, you should also share your known negative personalities. A woman for you is someone who will accept you for who you are. Women would love to change your wrong doings because them being a good influence for you makes them feel better. Also ask for her negatives so that you know what to do in case you loved each other.

*Don't be a stalker - Carrying their bags and fetching them when they are about to go home is sweet but don't be too much especially in text messages. Try to do it in moderation. You stil have a life to live. They are not your life. Show them that you can balance life and love. If a woman felt being overloved (does that word exist?) , they are uncomfortable with it.

If you have some questions or if you would want to know more, feel free to contact me in Yahoo Messanger at . I just throw in a couple and actually I didn't throw every idea in my mind. Thanks for reading and I hope you learned a lot!

I already discussed about this topic in my friendster blog when I was 13 years old but I would want to discuss this again and at the same time I like to update my ideas into it.
Most of us believes in karma. The very thing that scares each and one of us that it controls every move in our lives. I remember watching My Name is Earl and he usually quotes "Do good things and good things will happen to you. Do bad things and it will come back to haunt you". I love that show because it's funny and at the same time it shares some memorable values. Going back, the most base foundation of karma is heaven and hell. According to many, if you die bearing sins with you then you will go down to hell but if you lived your life spiritually and mainly being good then you go to heaven. When I was a kid that stick through my mind and usually my teachers scare me about it. They said "In hell, no one will hear you scream and the flames of hell will never put out and it will give you excruciating pain forever and you won't die in pain because you are already dead!". I was like scared and nervous, my eyes are swelling, and most of all I felt I was fucked because I knew I was sinful because I lied usually when I was a kid. Reaching the gates of high school, I remembered that idea and think about it over and over and I was really religious back then. I am not trying to fight the Roman Catholic for these beliefs but for me, I don't believe in hell.
Yes, I don't believe in hell. For me it's just a fictional place made to scare the shit out of us. I am not being a fucker who tries to rant everyone about that but it makes me sick. Just think about it, God loves everyone. He will never let one human to be burned in hell. Even Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and everyone you may think of. I don't know everything about the Bible but I can't remember Jesus cursing others that they will go to hell even when He is about to get crucified. Here's another example. Imagine the Aztecs you know, cut throat people who sacrifice the hearts of innocent people who get lost in their territory to their Sun Gods. That may not be spiritual but imagine you were born as an Aztec and the people nailed in your mind that you will do those barbaric sacrifices for the rest of your life. Then, a spear will be flying up the sky hitting your chest resulting to your death waking up in the fires of hell not realizing that what you have done is killing and is forbidden. Isn't that unfair? Here's another one. You were born in the hands of criminals like your mom is a mass murderer and your father is Lupin IX. You were trained to kill and trained to steal then being caught by police men throwing you to the electric chair and of course waking up in hell realizing what you did is wrong.
I just want to share that God loves us and He will never let anyone be tortured in that flaming pits of Satan. I trust God more than anyone and I believe He loves me just like everyone. If a human is sinful, karma is in charge of that and hell is not definitely a solution. Everything I share is just an opinion and I am not forcing everyone to be at my side. Again, I just want to express myself because each of us has the rights to comment on certain topics.
Hope you enjoyed reading and God Bless!

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