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I know my title seems to be weird, but of course I assure you that after you read this whole thing, you will understand what I am talking about.

Me, You, and Everyone, what is the similarity? Yes I know it's all pronouns don't be a douche bag. The similarity is  they are referring to People. Yes that simple. I made a post about how people differ? Now I am going to discuss our similarities. We may all be different in characteristics, talents, personalities, and etc. but of course there are similarities in a group of people and I'm talking about millions of group. 

Most of the time, we felt sad seeing our friends walloping in pain. Of course they are those people you shared happy moments so it's a bad image to see your friends crying but despite that negative picture, Aren't you happy that you have friends who care for people? they cry because they care and they love. A simple example will be a breakup. Imagine if your friend just doesn't care about the incident. Think of your friend saying "Who cares? there are a lot of girls out there?". It may seem convincing that he's not suffering which is good on your part but the fact that he/she didn't care is definitely not nice. In life, sometimes our negative aspects produce a positive image of ourselves. The twists in life are so unique that it's so interesting to scan. The common adjectives that we describe to people are good and bad. Schindler, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and  Andres Bonifacio are all good people. Hitler, Stallin, Mao Zedong, Osama Bin Laden, and Idi Amin are bad people. That's our common judgment. What we don't know is that a human being is not a person if he is good or bad alone. Good People have bad characteristics too and Bad People have good beliefs too. Hitler may be an abomination but he did that because of his bad experiences when he was a kid and he CARES. Though he did resort to a bad idea which is revenge, at least there is this small light of goodness inside him. Thomas Aquinas, the great Italian Priest, was once a womanizer.

I just want to point out that a normal human being should not be judged by good or bad hence "nobody is perfect". People have good AND bad characteristics. It's just the matter of amount of good and bad that we call a person good or bad which results to a worse situations like Discrimination and Prejudice. People are like batteries, they're consist of positive and negative charge (Sorry for being corny :p). Let's stop the discrimination of good and bad people! Let's help those people who are more of a bad than good to raise their good side :)

May 10, 2010 will be the election date and a new president will sit at the throne of Malacanang. As I see it, no matter who's your bet, no one will bring the Philippine economy out of poverty. It's just a matter of who will slow down the poverty in this country. You see, there are too many politicians competing for President. That image just shows how hungry the filipinos are for power. In America, there only exist two political parties and if their dictators told them they are not capable of being in the position, then they accept the truth. Here, the truth is bullshit. 

It brings my piss to a boil when people are always complaining how the government is corrupt and shit. They always blame the government because they are poor or in filipino saying "Isang kahig isang tuka". From everybody's prospective, yes it is true that government officials are corrupt and here is the transitive logic.

Government= Corrupt
Filipinos = Corrupt

So you get that? You can't blame the government because we and I mean we are all products of corruption.
Each of us had made a mistake of being corrupt. Just for being an ordinary student here is an example. Remember those school fees? like your field trip fees? it may cost up to 700 but instead you will ask your parents it's 1000. Plain and simple and I tell you corruption grows faster than mongo seeds.

I just hope that the next president will be less corrupt (because I know whoever takes position will still fuck the government) and people will improve themselves to become a true filipino. I don't disgust the filipinos and obviously I am a Filipino Myself. I just don't want bad things to happen. Rememeber the Maguindanao Massacre? Hunger for Power can kill. This weapon is more fatal than guns and daggers because it destroys our inner self. Just like Corruption.

Core + Rupure = Corrupt.

Core being the center it means referring to our hearts. Rupture meaning an explosion. hence Corruption, a heart explosion.

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