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My dad has just bought me the game Spore exclusively on PC. It was so cool and it has a unique concept. Produced by EA and Developed by Maxis, what do you expect? from the creators of The Sims series, Will Wright himself. I consider him as a game god even though he just made a couple of games because he touched the hearts and minds of gamers buy creating the sims, a life simulation games that is suitable for everyone. I once read an article about an interview on how did he came up with the concept. He quoted something like "I want to make a game that will catch the attention of everyone. There are people who does not like sports, action, kiddy games, and etc. but sims is related to everything people do."
Let's talk about the game. Of course I was excited that I have in my precious hands the game spore and I just pop the fucker in the cd-rom and WHOA! The Spore logo came out and time for installation. After 20 minutes, it's game time and the menu was so innovative like if you play The Sims 2, you will choose a neighborhood to play in but in Spore, you will choose among the planets on a Razor-blade like galaxy. At first, you are going to be a cell either a carnivore or a herbivore depending on your choice and then you will control its movments and try to munch on meat, cell, or small algae. When you grow into large size, you will start to migrate on land and you will interact with other species. Then it will advance to the tribe stage in which you are controlling a tribe of course, yes you will be controlling tribes in a strategy game way until you take over the planet or galaxy if you can.
It's a memorable game and so special though it can be repetitive if you keep playing it but still it has its charm and still can capture the hearts of gamers.

I give this game

Yesterday, there was a blackout and it was so fucking boring and the worst part of it is the summer heat. Damn, I was just lying around listening to my mp3 player and it lasted for about 2 hours. My entertainment hunger is so extreme so instead of surfing in the net, There is this strange feeling in my hand and it grabbed Rambo 3. First Blood was a good movie and Rambo: First Blood Part 2 is cool. Maybe your confused about those titles but actually there is no mistake on it. Rambo movies have fucked up titles according to James Rolfe(The angry video game nerd). Just take a close look at the first movie, it was First Blood. Yes, it was only First Blood and then they made a sequel Rambo: First Blood Part 2. In that case, it is acceptable but then the 3rd of the series is Rambo 3. Maybe because of the fans like the title Rambo instead of First Blood so they just fuck it up and throw it away.
Anyway, I'm here to describe Rambo 3 so let's get started. This part of the movie still have the same pattern of story like in the 1st and 2nd movie but this time it's different because his friend are one of the hostages of the Russians who's trying to invade Afghanistan. Who's the friend? well it's better for you to find out. As you can see, it's still John Rambo and his trusty knife doing the impossible just like some video games. You will be impress on how Rambo make traps and all sorts of show off talents. It's a good movie nonetheless and it will be a good thing if you watch the previous movies before this and though the plot are really common, this are one of the movies who came up with such plot and style. I was munching on some nachos while being impressed on the effects and features of the movie. Just gotta love the scene when John Rambo surprises a Russian Hind Helicopter with his trust bow and arrow..... with an explosive. There are some sensitive and disturbing parts so try to pop the DVD when your children is locked up on their rooms.

People are simply random. There are guys who are so male enough that can lift heavy loads but scared of ghosts. On the other side, there are ladies who are so hot and so beautiful but they love video games such as left 4 dead or maybe counter strike. Well, God made each of his creation unique to others that's why life is so great. Just imagine if people have the same inner sides, interests and etc. Now that would be so boring! Unlike in reality where people are different, we learn to each other and we had fun with them because we know they are different to ourselves. Bla bla! I've been ranting on the uniqueness of people but I'm actually pointing out that males have their own feminine side and females have their own masculine side.
Okay, this post is not just about gays and lesbians because some stupid people thinks the other way. In my opinion, every male and female have their own feminine and masculine side respectively. For the years I've been living to this sphere called Earth, I've met so many different people. I'm not totally gay but I admit I have a feminine side though my classmates usually call me gay because I usually act like one haha! but in reality, no. I love to cry. Yes, that's my feminine side. I don't know but if I am watching movies that are damn serious and they nearly touch my fucking feelings especially if I am alone, I cry my teas out. My girlfriend loves me for that. Well I don't know but when I cry, it is refreshing. It's like I am filtering my bad feelings away. Imagine like you are drinking a healthy green tea. Green tea is rich in antioxidants like after you drink one, it's like you came out of a fresh river. Just like that. Oh yeah! the fact that I love acting as gay in roleplays and skits. Maybe it's a feminine side too. I know there are people just like me. I believe that they also have this f-side they just don't admit it because they don't want to be called gay.
If you are usually at U-belt, hot female college students follow the word. You just have to wait for your classmate say "Hey, look at that hot babe over there and check out those boobs". if my classmates rant on such, I always think "what could be the masculine side of this girl?". I also believe female have their own male side. There are females who are so hot but also hot for keyboards and usually eat the shit out of you in counter strike. hmm.. There are also some who can kick male ass in martial arts. Some females also fight for their friends especially if they brokeup with them or made them cry. Pfah! I always hear that from my female classmates in high school saying "That mother fucker! If I saw him, I'm going to rant on his face!".
Well, that's about it. It's up to you if you agree with me. Well, time to watch Naruto! Don't be shy to say something about this topic!

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