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For every religion, we follow certain traditions and rules that usually based on transcripts, words passed by the family, and  most importantly, holy books. For instance, Muslims have Koran, and for Christians there is The Bible. As a catholic myself, The Bible really helped me on my way through life and I think most of us really does. So basically, We are required to follow all the teachings in The Bible. Now as life being challenging, there are rules in The Bible that is very hard to follow like the popular issues of Birth Control. This issue lasts for eternity since we are living in a third world country. We have our proper reasons why families use birth control methods and their reasons were reasonable. Besides Birth Control, did you know that there are more things that the Bible fans that is unbelievable? Did you know that the Bible forbids us for wearing gold and having round haircuts? Here's a link for more details

Now let's try to think this over and let's do a history lesson. The Bible was written by humans. It's a collection of God's teachings and stories in the past. When you are writing something freely, what's that thing that you use 80% of the time? It's Opinion. So when The Bible was written, it's possible that opinions was also shared. It doesn't end just there, it was also translated many times and we have different versions .Don't get me wrong, I'm not questioning on how The Bible was made but why does it need to have different versions? do they change things? Isn't that immoral?

So maybe your asking what my point is because you're thinking I'm getting ridiculous?  The Bible didn't came from heaven like a meteor and that's it like it's a guide on how to live life. The Bible should be absorbed but we should not take seriously every word of it. I do believe God would give us how to deal with life. If all the things in The Bible is a complete guide through life, life would be easy because you have a "Perfect Guide" making life non-sense. It's like reading poetic quotes, metaphoric statements, and meaningful songs that you should not take literally. Always look out of the box. 

If you're mind is one sided, you may think I'm a douche-bag who thinks what I say is always true and you may consider me a church hater. I'm actually a devoted Catholic myself. I praise God and Jesus and my faith is stronger than you thought. I'm just trying to be open minded and I just want to share how I see things..  As I said, you can comment anything you want and I won't take it on you. Just Remember, NOTHING is perfect. 

Last Wednesday (July 7, 2010 to be exact) was my birthday and it was my Nineteenth. Me and my college friends played basketball and we had this mini tournament going on. Anyway, One of my friend quoted "Ohh so you are 19 years old. Well I'm afraid to turn 19 because it's a year away from leaving your teenage shoes." For a few seconds, all my teenage moments flashed into my eyes like doing fast forward while watching movies. He has a point tough and my nerves struck realizing that I'm getting old. After those shit, I smiled and said "Well, it's gonna suck that I'm turning into an adult but look on the bright side, just like what Ms. Chokesondick said in South Park, Life is about moving forward". 

Life is too fast especially when you are enjoying every second of it. It will only take 365 days and I'm entering door 20, the journey to being an adult. Makes me cry thinking all of the good and bad times I had these past years and how I miss those precious memories like if they are tangible, they would be on my room standing like trophies.  All I think about now is that life is offering me more challenges that I know I could take and more memories to be cherished in the far future.

For all my friends, relatives, and my parents, I'm thanking you all for being a part of my life and definitely you played a great role in molding me into a great human being though I'm not that perfectly mold but fuck that nobody is perfect anyway. Thanks for all those people who greeted me and by the way, my wish will be more moments to spend for all my love ones. 

P.S.: Thanks God for a life that is well worth :)

Wow! it's been months since I've been here and I'm happy to be back. I won't discuss the reason because it's tragic and everyone knows it. Well anyway, I may be hurt but I know to myself that it would be healed. So for the topic I will discuss something about this degree I'm taking up so let's start shall we?

College, just hearing the word makes high school students excited and present college students puke. College and challenge just comes together just like hard bosses in video games where the defining moment of your life is on the line. In the movies, we see college as a joke era l where girls in mini skirts, party, drugs, and having a good time exist but in reality, it's the time where your nose bleeds literally. 

As a college student, I take B.S. Information and Communication Technology. I'm proud to say that I am an IT student. I know it's not Law, Nursing, Accountancy, Engineering or other courses that has "respect" spelled all over it but little do  they know how hard it is. Some think of IT as an easy course considering you just have to sit your ass on the computer the whole day so for the slacker , they think this course would be easy though at first I taught this also would be easy but holy sh!t!! It's totally hard. When people I asked about your course and you said IT, they won't be impress though I can't blame them because IT became popular just about less than 10 years ago I think (correct me If am wrong). In a time where technology is used every microsecond of our time, there's no doubt that IT jobs are spreading like a virus. 

So for all High School Students out there, all I can say that IT is not a 'just' course. If you think you have good analytic knowledge then maybe this course is for you. Your love for video games doesn't help on doing well though it can somewhat be helpful. Information technology is a 4 year course educationally but it's a lifetime study in reality because technology tend to update every second. Programming is fun, making animations is cool but Creating systems is like playing Nintendo Wii with your mouth while balancing a printer in your head.

Dedicated to all High school students who would take up IT and of course my Beloved section BIT, we're going to make this. We are all graduating 2012!!... 

I know my title seems to be weird, but of course I assure you that after you read this whole thing, you will understand what I am talking about.

Me, You, and Everyone, what is the similarity? Yes I know it's all pronouns don't be a douche bag. The similarity is  they are referring to People. Yes that simple. I made a post about how people differ? Now I am going to discuss our similarities. We may all be different in characteristics, talents, personalities, and etc. but of course there are similarities in a group of people and I'm talking about millions of group. 

Most of the time, we felt sad seeing our friends walloping in pain. Of course they are those people you shared happy moments so it's a bad image to see your friends crying but despite that negative picture, Aren't you happy that you have friends who care for people? they cry because they care and they love. A simple example will be a breakup. Imagine if your friend just doesn't care about the incident. Think of your friend saying "Who cares? there are a lot of girls out there?". It may seem convincing that he's not suffering which is good on your part but the fact that he/she didn't care is definitely not nice. In life, sometimes our negative aspects produce a positive image of ourselves. The twists in life are so unique that it's so interesting to scan. The common adjectives that we describe to people are good and bad. Schindler, Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and  Andres Bonifacio are all good people. Hitler, Stallin, Mao Zedong, Osama Bin Laden, and Idi Amin are bad people. That's our common judgment. What we don't know is that a human being is not a person if he is good or bad alone. Good People have bad characteristics too and Bad People have good beliefs too. Hitler may be an abomination but he did that because of his bad experiences when he was a kid and he CARES. Though he did resort to a bad idea which is revenge, at least there is this small light of goodness inside him. Thomas Aquinas, the great Italian Priest, was once a womanizer.

I just want to point out that a normal human being should not be judged by good or bad hence "nobody is perfect". People have good AND bad characteristics. It's just the matter of amount of good and bad that we call a person good or bad which results to a worse situations like Discrimination and Prejudice. People are like batteries, they're consist of positive and negative charge (Sorry for being corny :p). Let's stop the discrimination of good and bad people! Let's help those people who are more of a bad than good to raise their good side :)

May 10, 2010 will be the election date and a new president will sit at the throne of Malacanang. As I see it, no matter who's your bet, no one will bring the Philippine economy out of poverty. It's just a matter of who will slow down the poverty in this country. You see, there are too many politicians competing for President. That image just shows how hungry the filipinos are for power. In America, there only exist two political parties and if their dictators told them they are not capable of being in the position, then they accept the truth. Here, the truth is bullshit. 

It brings my piss to a boil when people are always complaining how the government is corrupt and shit. They always blame the government because they are poor or in filipino saying "Isang kahig isang tuka". From everybody's prospective, yes it is true that government officials are corrupt and here is the transitive logic.

Government= Corrupt
Filipinos = Corrupt

So you get that? You can't blame the government because we and I mean we are all products of corruption.
Each of us had made a mistake of being corrupt. Just for being an ordinary student here is an example. Remember those school fees? like your field trip fees? it may cost up to 700 but instead you will ask your parents it's 1000. Plain and simple and I tell you corruption grows faster than mongo seeds.

I just hope that the next president will be less corrupt (because I know whoever takes position will still fuck the government) and people will improve themselves to become a true filipino. I don't disgust the filipinos and obviously I am a Filipino Myself. I just don't want bad things to happen. Rememeber the Maguindanao Massacre? Hunger for Power can kill. This weapon is more fatal than guns and daggers because it destroys our inner self. Just like Corruption.

Core + Rupure = Corrupt.

Core being the center it means referring to our hearts. Rupture meaning an explosion. hence Corruption, a heart explosion.

I was watching Attach of the Show this morning ( btw, if you don't have an idea about AOTS, it's a techno-television show where it features relatively gadgets, internet videos and stuff. In short, it's all about technology.) and I was laughing my lungs out when it featured some funny web videos. They have a sitcom where they feature 5 funny Youtube or Break videos and it cracks me all the time. Enough of those, I did brought Attach of the Show in this topic because they actually featured this new invention by Honda which is a Unicycle that saves your breath and sweat from walking and running. I can say it's another marvelous invention after a genius work like Asimo, hell, today he is able to run through his robotic legs, what a robot. Anyway, this Unicycle is called the Honda U3-X and it is inspired by those Segway mini-vehicles where you can just stand on it and it can run like a motorcycle. Well, almost since it cannot run as fast a Ducati or a Harley Davidson. 

Honda U3-X resembles exactly like a Unicycle and it keeps your feet away from the road by just sitting on it and letting your hands work using the buttons (or I forgot if it uses a remote) to reach your destination. Thinking of  the technology Honda is capable of just explains how technology upgrades every year.

What baffles me is the fact that it affects to people negatively when it comes to laziness. The device might be great but when it comes to usefulness, it just drains out and it really does not qualify to be a need. While I was watching it, I remember the scene from Disney's Pixar film Wall-E. You know where the people who descended from Earth lived in this giant spaceship and everybody is flat obese. It's funny that they just sit their asses on those remote control chairs and anything they wanted would be on their side in just a button away. The wackiest part is when these two guys were talking each other via their Hologram Monitor with a webcam I think, thanks to the high tech moving chairs, while they are actually a centimeter away. Just looking beside his buddy makes it difficult for both of them. 

My thoughts about this device: It's not mandatory for us and it should be just for show. Well actually it is because they said they will never release it to the public which is a good decision from Honda. Many Earthlings are suffering from obesity, what more if such invention will be commercialized. You may ask "So you know it's for show, so what's the point?". Well my point is that the possibility of such event like that Wall-E clip exist on a small percentage which is still on a threat. Technology is unexpected and with technology, anything is possible and I even expect teleportation, flying cars, and other unexpected ficition-movie inspired stuff to pop in the time line. I just hope Asimo and Aibo is there to save us, just like Wall-E and Eve :) ......

For the third fucking time, my blog had been a ghost town, that's sucks. But it's okay, I had been busy in the past few weeks due to the requirements and exams. At last! it's finally over. I'm still crossing my fingers on my Calculus and Accounting exams. It's 12:15 midnight while I'm writing this post and my hands are itchy for more ideas in this blog.

I'm just wondering why did the summer heat started so early. When the clock strikes at 9:00 am, this country is being grilled. These are the days when you take a bath 2-3 times a day, you crave for ice-cream or halo-halo, and of course your imagination flying through beaches. Summer is so much fun because:

1.) It's vacaton!!! what the heck? everyone loves and deserves a damn vacation. Where you can do anything whatever you want!

2.) As I said, cold treats. :)

3.) You can spend time with your family!

4.) Staying late at night to play games, hangout with friends, and for me, to write on this blog.

5.) Your friends are always available for parties, bondings, and etc.

Now for some unnecessary reason, I hate summer because:

1.) Intense Heat... such a beast!

2.) No allowance means no money... good luck finding those summer jobs!

3.) Since you are vacant, household chores will be your best friend... or rival.

4.) 1:00pm - 3:00pm is boring...

5.) Stupid Children will be everywhere!

Just some of my frustrations. This is some sign that I'm going to be posting my thoughts as often as possible. Of course boredom will strike and many interesting things will happen this summer. Still, I'm a bit confused on some things and I have some minor problems. Phew, talk about stress.

"No two people are the same", that's what all of us know and it's true that all human beings are different from each other. Though we are different, there are people with similarities that's why the word friend was invented. Today, Similarity is not mandatory to have friends because all you need is a nice attitude and spirit. With our differences, we enjoy the grace and majestic art that we called friendship. Because of our differences, we learn so many things, we laugh at things, we can express our inner feelings, and etc.

Like in friendship perhaps, we are happy seeing the things that they can do. We love to witness their uniqueness over us, most of the shy people does it. Some people love to express themselves in a speech, interest, or the blog way, those are for the active ones. See, I mentioned two types of people, the shy and the active ones. Imagine all people are shy or everyone is active. I just don't want to imagine it because it might just be boring or something. You know a group of friends is just like a culinary dish, it is made out of different ingredients that try to balance the taste of the food and the result, a chef's masterpiece. Try to make dumplings with one ingredient? like just meat or just flour? that's like one lonely person. The combination of people makes happy moments, great experiences, and compacted bond.

Let's make this the other way around, how about those people that you don't like or simply your enemies? how about those arrogant people you hate or those people who thinks they are superior? It's all about hate. People tend to hate and we can never avoid those people that have the traits that you spit out. Stupid, cocky, bully, violent, pervert, irritating, and so on, we curse them, just because we are different. They are made for us too not to be hated but for you to be motivated. Remember your arrogant classmate who thinks he's the smartest? it makes your blood boil that you want to prove he is not and that motivates you to be an intelligent person. Those teachers and parents who keeps nagging you to study or clean your room, it gives you so much pain hearing their voice that you want them to shut up and there you go,reading for the exams and room cleaned. Just like a Durian Fruit, it smells so stinky but hey, it tastes like heaven.

All these things I say about each of us being unique is a masterpiece from God. He crafted each and every one of us differently for us to be successful, happy, and to be contented with life itself. I admire Him for doing that that's why I am so happy and content. He is not just a supreme being, He is an artist. An artist because He molded zillions of masterpieces who set foot in this spherical object made of soil. Let us give importance to this thing that we notice rarely. If you admire people, places, animals, my blog (hope so), and everything else, it is nice but make sure you admire Him first.

I hate it when I'm walking with Pedestrian Smokers! I don't care if you want to pollute your lungs and kill yourself but please do it on a smoking area or something besides there are many people out there who have diseases and you don't want to be the suspect. It's obvious that I am not a smoker but that doesn't mean I hate all smokers out there in fact most of my friends are smokers and none of them can persuade me to put that cigarette butt between my lips. Since I was a kid, I really hated that dreadful smoke when it goes through my nose and I really swore to myself that I won't be doing it and I'm glad I'm keeping that promise to myself.

I really just hate it like when I'm on the way to school, then a fucker with a smoke will breath his gaseous vomit then the wind will blow at my direction, Result: A sour face of mine. Please, smoke those sticks of death somewhere. Seriously, I hate the scent of smoke and I don't know why most of the people smoke. Well, who am I to put rules like that in this country so why am I complaining? the government has the power to put this miserable rule out of this hellhole. Wait, I think government officials are smokers too so maybe no one will agree with me, except the Department of Health I think.

Bottom line, don't smoke on public areas! Please fuckers! I have a life to live. When you smoke, kill yourselves with a knife, don't be a suicide bomber!

After all these tiring schoolwork and an enjoyable vacation, I left this precious blog in my basement. Sorry "What's in my mind?" blog, I will try to update you again regularly. So here I am still the same and I still want to share whatever I want. Anyway, these past weeks that I left this blog hanging, I am addicted to my new Nintendo Wii. For those people who lacks video game awareness, it's a video game console that lets you experience the game. The controller is like a remote control for the Television and yes it's wireless. Often, the games offered to Wii lets you swing, shake, or jerk your controller for your game to be played., Like for instance the game is about a sword fight, you will hold your controller like a sword and swing it then the sensor will detect the motion you are doing. fun eh?

What makes it more fun is that Nintendo recreate their game masterpieces into this magical console like Super Mario bros., Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Punch-Out and more. Like for instance, they released another sequel for the Super Mario Bros. Series entitled "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" which is fun to play because it lets you play 4 players at once. Yes you are reading it right, four players at once. Well, if you have 4 controllers then you can have a pop-corn video game party every day. I beat this game but damn It's so fucking difficult, seriously. I finished this game within this week but I consider it the week of frustration. The stages were not meant for children because it takes endurance, patience, skills, and tranquilizer(well, to calm yourself so you cannot throw your Wii Console out the window). But that's what the games are meant for, the Challenge. If you beat a stage, you will have this distinctive light feeling that you are a gaming expert.

My final verdict:

Nintendo Wii is revoltutionary, Shigeru Miyamoto really is the genius when it comes to video games. They made this as a competitor to PS3 and Xbox 360 though Nintendo WIi graphics are no match for the former 2. It may have a weak graphic system but hey, it's a brand new idea and well you gotta love that gaming EXPERIENCE. So I will give this console a 9.5/10

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