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I'm a talkative guy. Anything I want to share whether it's non-sense or not, it just comes out of my mouth like an unstoppable horde of bulls. Since I'm writing a blog, why not share it right? Maybe I will share this kind of post every now and then even though I know people don't really care but anyway here it goes.

What is my internet homepage?

Well, my home page is Yahoo!. I'm not really a fanatic of all thousands of Yahoo apps out there in fact I usually visit Yahoo! groups, Yahoo! mail, and Yahoo! messenger only. So why Well, I just want to be updated to the latest news. When an important event happens, in just about 19 seconds it's already on Yahoo. When I double click that FireFox icon, I am already staring at that blank page waiting to load and then poof! an updated news for me. Not only it shares the latest info but even facts and tips like in health for example and even geography which really is a fine topic for me.

Which internet browser do I prefer?

Well, I love using Mozilla Firefox because it's simple, fast, and easy to use. Other browsers like Google Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer is are okay but I prefer simplicity over quality.

What is my favorite drink(aside from water)?

I love Soya milk, Fresh Milk, Lemonade, Grape juice, Grand Matador brandy, and stuff but my favorite drink is going to be Fresh Milk, Nestle Fresh Milk to be exact. I usually sleep late at night and Fresh Milk is my best friend during those lonely nights especially if I have a problem. It's like I'm crying beside that mug of Milk and a few sip will calm me down.

What is my favorite sleeping position?

Starfish position is my favorite. Just like a starfish lying on the sand, your hands at your side and your legs pointing downward. There are times that it's very hard for me to sleep and for those situations, I go for the side position facing at my left hugging my hot dog South Park pillow.

I can't think of anything more now. I'll try to think more next time.


Dedicated to all people who don't care!

It's Christmas vacation yet again and we had few experiences on our professors last November and the half of december. I think it's time for me to review again all the professors though I won't review some because some retained and I won't review them anymore because I already did. So for the reviews:

Operating Systems - Well, he is indeed a good professor and I really learned a lot. He is a low tempered professor and he really does make exams well. He is cool.

Integral Calculus - I won't rant on her skills because she is good but she has a low volume voice. Imagine your television is on a volume 1 even with her Lapel mic. Anyway, let her pass.

Moral Theology - (review done in the previous post)

Principles of Marketing - Do you know the pokemon Clefairy? well they have the same physical structure and she is as well as harmless. It's like everything you do related to her topic is right. Lot's of activities, and I gotta love that candy prize.

Graphics and Multimedia Systems - Every meeting, I always notice his attire and that is the retro styled fashion polo tucked in his pants with a leather belt. I just hate the self study method. He teaches flash so he just put Instructions in MS Word format in every pc on the lab and there you go. Talk about hassle free professors.

Database 2 - (review done)

Object Oriented Programming - (review done but I still had ERRORS)

Research applications and methods - She's a hardworking prof and so hardworking that she's never been absent, completes the one and a half hour meeting, and of course a quiz every meeting. At least, not much of a problem.

Fundamentals of Accounting Part2 - Let's save the worst for last and if my first accounting was good, this one was the grandmommy of all motherfuckin terror prof. She discusses fast like a bullet train and she insults each and every one of us like we are ingrates. I wish I would pass this subject and I wish there is a rehabilitation center for profs like her.

That's about it and these are the reasons why I didn't have a lot of updates.

P.S. : Dedicated to all my Blockmates in San Beda especially to Chay Villacorta for nagging me everyday to make this review, those students under those professors, and to the professors of course.

Every time I hit the power button on the remote, 75% of the time I see the barbaric massacre of Maguindanao and hear the sorrow of the Mangudadatu family. It was not just a massacre; it’s a tragic event that will be remembered in Philippine History. With this event, the Philippines is recorded to be the most dangerous country in the world.

So it all started when Esmael Mangudadatu, vice mayor of Bulalan, Maguindanao, came up with the idea of running as governor against Andal Amapatuan Jr., the present governor of Maguindanao, in the 2010 elections. Esmael Mangudadatu was threatened by Gov. Ampatuan so his wife, sisters, media, and others will file the candidacy because of the fear to be killed by the henchmen of Ampatuan. But that was not stopped the evil minions. The Convoy were blocked and brought to a concealed area and there they were all massacred barbarically including some innocent casualties that were mistakenly picked as part of the convoy. Or wait I think I was mistaken, everybody is innocent.

It was a disgrace like the massacre was not so human as if it is ordered by Satan. Slaughtering all innocent people barbarically and then burying in earth’s soil just for power? And to make things worse, these muslim murderers diabolically killed their own people. It was so hard to imagine. I saw some uncensored pics of the victims and it will make everyone kill the Ampatuans. Almost 50 were identified and found so mainly 50 families were suffering. Their beloved loveones torn apart, their faces were unrecognizable, deformed, and their bodies were like butchered animals. I don’t need to enumerate all the wrong things they have done because I think everybody knows.

The Massacre affected every Filipinos on earth not because we are declared as 2nd dangerous country on earth but for the fact that such people existed and here they are in the Philippines. It started in the Power, then the corruption and then the thirst for more power and so on. It’s a poisonous endless cycle and as time goes, it gets worse. Where is being a human? Where is Religion? Where is unity? Where is Love? Where is everything? Good luck for finding those in that situation because there only exist one thing in that event and that is hell.

They betrayed their religion, brothers, and themselves. Innocent muslims were being discriminated because of such events. Filipinos were being discriminated by other countries.

But the most affected in this situation is Esmael Mangudadatu and the relatives of all the victims because seeing all your love ones battered like wild animals, it’s a torture.

I hope that will be the last of such event will happen.

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I have been so busy these past few weeks due to the hectic second semester schedule for my 2nd year of college. My class starts at 9:00 am Monday and Thursday and 7:30 am for Tuesday and Friday while my everyday dissmissal is 6:00 pm. Cool huh? Morning to evening, dusk till dawn, from Hawaii to New Zealand (taking the long path), from head to toe, from Single-celled animals to a human being, and etc. You got the point and sorry for the long wait.

After the extravagant tour, we decided to just relax for our 3rd day and try to appreciate Panglao more. Man, I love the white sand and the sound of minimal waves from the beach. It makes you want to go back over and over again. Our Morning, again, was greeted by another batch of breakfast buffet and it sure does the same excellent cooking job. We went to the same table and I waited for an hour or two and then it's time for more beach madness. We s
oaked ourselves in the salty waters of Panglao and we appreciated the magnificent beauty of the clean underwaters, fresh ocean air, and the breath-taking views around. I insisted the heat of the sun because I believed that moment was memorable so why not take a dark remembrance all through my body. My aunt and my grandmother did not took a vial of sunlight. They really hate to have a dark skin which made me taught they may have the descendants of Dracula. Anyway, before lunch I took a shower for some Seafood Lunch Fest. We ate this rare fish in "sinigang" and I just took in some food like a bottomless pit because it's delicous. When the sun reached the extreme hot temprature, I took a dip in the pool instead so I can swim and workout a bit. The beach is not deep enough for you to do your breaststroke, freestyle, and butterfly even in High Tide so I took a couple of rounds to stretch my dead muscles and brittle bones. Me and my uncle took some Brandy shots in that evening considered as a celebration for our last night. (Para sa mga Pilipino, ginawa ko lang sosy yung Brandy ha. FYI, Matador un. :) )

There is not much to say in the last day except it's a day of reminiscing or maybe a bit nostlagic. We are suppose to depart at 1:30 pm in Bohol so we fixed our carriages and stuff though we made a last dip in the beach. As you can see, My skin color was starting to burn like brownish red or something and it is totally burned charcoal black today.
Well, I guess it's a part of a beach vacation and I actually liked it. After fixing some stuff, I went back to my favorite seat near the resto-bar. I rememebered everything from the departure of the plane, the quick dip at the beach, the tour, Chocolate hills, Tarsier, Panglao and everything went through my mind trying to tease me like saying "You should live here!". Anyway, riding the service van to the airport will give you this mixed feeling of sadness and excitement. Sadness because you will be leaving the paradise which is a rare scene in Luzon. Excitement because you want to see your family, friends, and others to tell all your experiences in the vacation. Riding the Plane on the way home, I realized so many things that every human should imagine. Seing Bohol, I can see the great marvey of God's creation. It's a masterpiece and actually it's just a small part of all the great works of God. God really is creative that you will feel the guilt on how you pollute nature on any way you can imagine. As the plane rises, My nostalgic moments are over and looking at the plane window leaving Bohol, I said to myself "I don't want to be the only one to enjoy this adventure. I want my family, friends, and relatives to experience this kind of vacation." That statement made me write this blog for you to be a part of my experience. I don't want to be selfish and to enjoy this myself. This is God's creation and it's for everyone and from this simple way of sharing my thoughts through blog, telling stories, and uploading pictures is my way of sharing my happiness. Thanks for reading a 3 part post of my vacation in Bohol. If you have the money and time, try to book your flight in Bohol. It's fun and relaxing. It's also a simple way for supporting the tourism in the Philippines.

Goodnight everybody and have a nice day!


I had an Airplane ear arriving on NAIA.. man it hurts!!!!

Waking up at 6:00 am with a breakfast buffet is one of the greatest mornings I ever had and they have it in the resort. Well, it's not the buffet that you expect like fried turkey and roast beef. It's the regular breakfast but with a lot of choices and a delicious style of cooking. Got to love those tuna, scrambled egg, bread, watermelon, fried rice, and a coffee while watching the small waves on the beach. After being stuffed by our grand breakfast, our tour van will be running at 9:00 am so we took a bath and dressed up and we waited until 9 for our tour van. We just chilled out. My grandpa and grandma stayed in our room while my aunt, uncle, and me took pictures and I tried to appreciate the white sands of Panglao. No matter how I look at it, it's awesome.

So there we go, we moved out with the van with a tour guide and a screeching driver like those Jeepney drivers in Antipolo. Though in Bohol, it's a bit reasonable to be a mad driver because of the smooth roads and the traffic. In Manila, doing that thing is suicide. Anyway, the tour guide shared a lot of facts and information.

Bohol quick Facts

*Bohol is derived from the barrio of Bo-ol meaning "from the well".

*Bohol is the Hometown of Francisco Dagohoy who led athe longest revolt in the Philippines

*It was in Bohol when Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna did the brotherly Blood-Compact.

*Bohol's Capital is Tagbilaran City.

*It is also the Hometown of Carlos P. Garcia, the 8th President of the Philippines. One municipality was named after him and it's an island in the North East of Bohol though he was born in Talibon.

Our first stop was the Chapel of Immaculate Concepcion in Baclayon. It's the oldest Chapel in Bohol. We took pictures inside and outside the chapel but we are prohibited in the musuem. It was really great that they preserved that structure. I rememebered in the musuem that it was actually scary not because of the environment but because of the wooden floors. It was in the upper floor of the Chapel and the wood was like creaking when you step on it like when you jump, you will fall. Just kidding but the creaking wood was true. So after that, we proceed to the Smallest Monkey in the world, The cute Tarsier. What we saw was some domesticated tarsier not some wild ones because according to the tourists, it's gonna be a tough chase if we want some wild ones. Tarsiers are small. Just the size of you regular pin cushion but with a long tail. Tarsiers are nocturnal meaning they are active during the night like Owls that's why some of them are drowsing when we got there. They are so cute you might want to steal them in your pockets. I also love how you feed them because they tend to close their eyes when they eat. Primarily, they eat insects like caterpillars and stuff. Their eyes are really big which is one of their assets I think. Haha. After some tarsier madness, we then go to the world famous Chocolate Hills located in Carmen 55 km from Tagbilaran City. We are not actually in the hills but we are on the view deck to see a thousands of hills surrounding you 360 degrees view like you are in the center. To get to the view deck, you have to climb this 214 stair steps I think but it's really well worth. These perfect cone shaped hills became a candidate for the new 7 wonders of the world and no doubt it should be. After some Chocolate hills madness, we are all hungry for lunch but before that, we took some pictures in the mahogany forrest on the way to Loboc. These trees were amazing and it really makes you feel you are in the forrests of North America. We just had some 5 minute relaxation mode. Then here we go, time for some lunch and another eat all you can restaurant on a floating boat in Loboc River. So relaxing and so good. It's so nice just sitting on the side of the boat looking at those nipa trees inhaling the fresh river breeze while eating some watermelon, So awesome. After the river cruise, we then proceed to the Clarin Ancestral House. The home of the first governor of Bohol. I just can't rememeber his first name but anyway one of his descendants became a senator of the Philippine Congress during the same time of Benigno Aquino Sr and Lorenzo Sumulong. The house was preserved by the Clarin Family and inside you will some old jars, furniture, old documentations of senator clarin, their tables, a door with a secret lock, and so much many stuff. After that, went to this souvenir shop and we bought some stuff and then going to the last stop, the Blood-Compact Shirine where you will see some statues in the exact same spot of the Blood-Compact of Legazpi and Sikatuna. That was the last spot so our van dropped us at the resort and we kicked back. It was an exhausting day but I enjoyed the trip. I learned many stuff and saw the marvey of God's creation and how people took care of it.

Sorry for the late post and it's a pleasure for me to share to everyone my experience in Bohol. Add Bohol in your vacation checklist and I will assure you it's well worth!

It was so many months ago that my aunt planned our vacation in Bohol and actually, we tried to fix our schedule because of the adjustment of vacation due to the storm Ondoy. We are supposed to get a 5 days and 4 nights vacation in Bohol but instead things get fucked up at the beginning of the flight. Our plane Departure is suppose to be 8:30 am in Cebu Pacific and they said we are suppose to be in the airport 2 hours or 1 hour before the flight but we had some minor problems that we arrived there 8:00 am but still 30 minutes left. I taught it was okay but then things get bad when Cebu Pacific didn't allowed us to board the plane. C'mon!!! where is the consideration on that?? They said we have to pay a penalty fee for us to board the plane AT 12:00nn. The fee was so expensive and other than the fucking penalty fee, we were suppose to buy new plane tickets for us to board. If we do that, our pocket money will be lacking for the vacation so just gone home and my aunt decided to fly the next day not in Cebu Pacific but Philippine Airlines or usually called PAL. Our tickets cost almost the same with Cebu Pacific but PAL is a little bit more expenisive but not too high difference.

After the traumatic experience, they decided to go to the airport very early that we waited 2 hours for departure. Our plane was departing at 8:30 am (again) and we were at the airport 6:30. After a 2 hour nap, we boarded the plane and wooooohh it was my first time to ride the plane. I was a bit excited but then after the plane took off, it was just like riding the Bus being thrown by the Hulk. While I was in the flight, the stewards in PAL gave us snacks like cookies, peanuts, and a choice of your drinks like water, coffee, or tea.

After an hour of flight, we were at Tagbilaran City, the city of friendship and the capital city of Bohol. It was awesome to breath some provincal fresh air. The hotel van picked us up from the airport and a 45 minute trip to airport, we arrived at the Dumaluan Hotel and Beach Resort. On the way to Dumaluan, the traffic in Bohol was extraordinarily smooth. It will never happen in Manila. The 45 minute trip in Bohol is a 2 hour drive in Manila. Also the surroundings in Bohol is too much rural. If you think provinces in Luzon like Bulacan, Pampanga, and Pangasinan are too rural, witnessing the environment in Bohol will make you think Luzon provinces are urban. Anyway, our location in Bohol is in the Southwest island though Tagbliliran City is not too far. We were in our room kicking back from the energy absorbing trip. My jaw dropped when I saw the white sand beach and it feels like I was in Boracay and maybe better. Later on we ate lunch and the seafoods were awesome. Then, the exhausting aura had been gone after that. The schedule of the trip was suppose to be the next day so we just swam at the beach and we just hanged out. I was expecting a night life like Boracay but then I saw a peaceful evening heck even the acoustic band is upt ot 10 pm. But then again, it's for the people who wants to rest and you may see how the people are concern about it. People in Bohol are kind and they really enjoy serving people even the waiters and waitressess.

After all, the first day nightmare was erased by the relaxing environment of Panglao, Bohol. It makes you want to come back in that place over and over again. Bohol may be just known for the Chocolate Hills and Tarsier, but in the future, these beaches may be the next Boracay.

Tomorrow I will post day 2, the day we gone through the landmarks of Bohol.

I'm at 96% overall progress in healing. It's been a while since I wrote in here since it's our exam weeks AND this week mouthful of fever. Now, my appetite is recovering slowly and my strength is almost there. I am thinner than before that's why I need to eat my heart out and buff myself in the gym.

It all started Sunday Morning and I woke up with a bad sign of fever in my body. It became serious in the afternoon and even my headache is getting worse. I was mental and I am seeing things like there is a dwarf in my bed, I can feel something is going on, and etc. I taught I'm going to be crazy. The worst thing about it is the exams. I can't concentrate reading so instead I just rested. Oh yeah, I hate the sleeping problems like I'm going to sleep at early 8:00 pm then I'm going to wake up at 12 to drink my medication. After that, back to sleep if you can. It's hard to sleep like you've took cocaine or heroine.

The good news is I am okay now though I still need some precious time to recover to be at my 100%.

This is the third part of the Evil Dead series directed by Sam Raimi, the director of the Spider Man Trilogy. Past Evil Dead movies belong to the horror genres unlike the third one and the existence of violence added the scare to it. The first Evil Dead movie was independently build but still worth the watch for it's weird plot and extreme Gore. Evil Dead 2: Dawn of the Dead is the continuation of the first movie and this time, the gore is leveled up and the humor is really satisfying. The third one, Army of Darkness, is not actually a horror movie but an action-comedy film.

It started where the second part of the movie ends wherein Ash, the main character played by Bruce Campbell, was transported to the medieval times you know Castles, Kings, Knights, Horses, and of course a beautiful maiden. He brought his car, his chainsaw which is attached in his dismembered right hand, and his trusty two barrel shotgun. After being in trouble with the medieval men, he gained the respect he needed even to this beautiful lady named Sheila played by Embeth Davitz(Little Miss from Bicentennial Man) and as anyone would like, he just wants to go home. The wisemen told him that he needed to get a book called the Necronomicon that contains the magic potion that will bring him back in the present. He was ordered to say a magic phrase if he will be reaching the book or else the army of darkness will be awaken thus the title. Unfortunately, he forgot the phrase when he go there. It's up to our chainsaw shotgun wielder to save Lord Arthurs land.

The movie was so good though critics said it's a disappointing sequel since the first two movies were known for being scary. For me, it's kickass it's seldom that you will see movies like this and probably it's rare. The effects were excellent for it's time like the stop-motion skeletons, and monster effects.

Speaking of Evil Dead, They are going to release Evil Dead 4 which makes me jump off my feet. I think they are planning to make another movie and I am excited because the Ash will be played still by Bruce Campbell itself. Imagine like the last movie was realeased in 1993 and then they will going to make another sequel or merely it is a comeback. WOW! Ash will meet CG effects? That's gonna be awesome.

My rating:

8.9 out of 10

My aunt send us this brilliant device that enables you to communicate with people over the world and not only you can talk to your friends or relatives but you can also see whatever they do. It was called the "ACN iris 3000 videophone". It's a telephone with a video screen and it will blow your mind out the hell of your head. You can see your buddy if and only if he or she has also owns this mechanical equipment.

Back when I was six years old, I saw this commercial of PLDT showcasing some phones and their future projects and my eyes caught this phone which is exactly like the ACN videophone. I think it was just for show and I didn't heard anything about it up until now. Maybe it was only released for those rich businessmen who swam in their vaults of money. I asked my mom to buy that kind of phone way back and she said "That may be too expensive and who knows if that is true". So from that, I realized it was all fake and maybe technology won't grasp that kind of invention. Today, that device which I think is fake is now in my hands for me to use until my voice goes zero and my eyes go numb. When the webcam was released, my dad told me they never realized that it will happen because in their time of being a teenager, they taught it was impossible like just put your mind in a normal teen of the 1980's and imagine that kind of device. You'll consider yourself crazy. Technology develops faster than what we realize now. Maybe in the near future, they will develop teleportation like if you are in Manila and you just step on this circular platform and boom! You are in Hong Kong. How about hologram? or Space travel? or maybe flying cars? Is it impossible? Well, who knows? Technology bites when you least expect it.

We just had a good conversation with my aunt and it really feels like she is hear hanging out with us and thanks to the improved technology. I got this image while my grandma is having fun telling stories to my aunt.

I just can't wait what's in store for us after 10 years. I can see video games played by motion detecting sensors not using a Wii Controller but our bodies. Hopefully, this devices won't be a pain in our asses.

It was 12:00 noon and my Philosophy class is about to begin and our professor told us to write something about love. I'm not kidding! I swear and I smirked a bit. Lately we had some interesting topics like the Philosophy of man about thinking, time, etc. and yes, our present lesson is love. I find it funny because the question , "what is love?", is usually associated with jokes like if your teacher is saying "Question no. 1.....", then your classmate will flip the switch and will shout "What is love?". Even jokes in text messages like "What is love?" is a dream question of a desperate student in the exams.

So my professor left us and he just asked our class president to collect the papers and I don't know the reason why he left. Maybe he wants to rest or something but who cares. I just wrote my ideas about my opinion on love. At first it's like an easy question but when you hold the pen and pressed the point on the paper, you will realize that you are in a cubic dimension trapped in eternity.

So what is love actually? For years, philosophers researched and hardly taught about what love is. Is it something that people earn or give? Is it the feelings we feel? Is it tasty? Well, according to the Urban Dictionary:

Love - is an incredibly powerful word. When you're in love, you always want to be together, and when you're not, you're thinking about being together because you need that person and without them your life is incomplete.....

As you can see, the meaning focuses on the love of romance, the usual relationship, infatuation, marriage and stuff. How about the love to your family? love to your belongings? Pet? Imaginary friend if any? Haha, so you maybe getting my point here. Usually, when we ask someone about love, they will refer to that.

In my opinion, I think love is just define differently by people. We each have our own definition of love depending on our personalities like some people love for money, some love for love itself, some love for lust and so on. God created love just like humans because each of us has this unique essence of love and if abused, it may cause danger just like the way humans are. Though unique in definition, people may tend to have similar essence of love and that may be a device for this two people to meet and try to combine this two ingredient to produce this unbreakable bond.

So, that's it and I hope you learned something though this is just an opinion so if you don't agree, so be it. By the way, do you want to know my own definition of love?

Love, for me, is a feeling for something or someone that you consider a part of your life. It may be branched into different divisions like there is this low love where you value material items that can be sentimental or you are just materialistic(something not worth dying for). Medium love is the love for your pets, dreams, and etc. ( maybe something worth dying for yourself) . And last the High love for your friends, loveones, and parents (worth dying for). And last but not the least is the Extreme level wherein here belongs your love for God.

So that's it! I hope you loved my post and God Bless!

Yesterday, I was so tired because of the huge crowd of commuters on the way to Manila and on the way home. At School, I was mind tortured because of the comeback of assignments and lectures. Our classes will be extended one week to make up with the one week vacation. It was an aftershock like you spend your time on Hawaii in one week then going back to the prison cell after.

Even the platform in Legarda station was crowded. That itself is just a bad sign that we will took the expensive fx on the way home rather than taking the fast and the furious jeepneys. When I got home, I just get dressed and go straight to the table to eat like Monkey d Luffy.
Pfah. My mind is blank and I can't say anything .... sigh...

After a weekend of disaster, everyone deserves a week of vacation and tomorrow will be another regular day for everybody. I just finished my assignments and what a waste isn't it? I've been just resting the whole week and I just did my homework the last day of this week. Ever since I was in High School, procrastination greatly possessed my inner being and as I grew up, this cancer develops faster than my fingernails. I don't know but I really love doing it at the eleventh hour, you know the last minute projects, assignments, exam reviews etc. I know it's improper but my mind becomes alert and focused if it's rushed and in the last minute. I tried it one time that I have done this project one week before the deadline and my mind power just can't be released. Well, I guess I can't do anything about it.

I used this vacant week in buffing myself in the gym, playing, texting, and most of the stuff that I can barely do during weekdays. I guess sembreak will be short this year because of this incident so after the final exams and enrollment, Welcome 2nd semester! new nightmares and new subjects going to haunt our asses. Hopefully, my schedule will be more humane.

"Good afternoon. My name is Russell. And I am a wilderness explorer in tribe 54, Sweat lodge 12. Are you in need of any assistance today, sir?". Haha, so memorable and funny. Up is the latest movie of Disney Pixar films and it's good for its unique storyline. I am 18 years old and I love Disney Pixar films because I grew up with them and anticipated each movie. The first pixar movie made was Toy Story in 1995 and I was four years old back then. From that time, the CGI effects was so damn cool and unbelievable besides the game consoles back then were the Super Nintendo and the Playstation had been released on the US. two years later it was followed by A bug's life which never disappoints because it's excellent. They also made a sequel to the super hit Toy Story which is great too. After that, they made brand new unique themes becaue toys and insects were too fund to kids so they made Monster's Inc, Finding Nemo, Incredibles, Cars, Ratatouille,Wall-E, and finally Up.

Up is centered on a grouchy old man named Carl Fredricksen where he usually thinks of the dream of his late wife of putting their house beside the paradise falls in South America. Still determined, he never gave up and since he is a balloon vendor, he use the house as an airship through Paradise Falls by grasping ten thousands of balloons over it and did the impossible, fly. Being so calm, a 9-year old Wilderness explorer kid was accidentally joined by the flying house of Carl. Now their journey begins.

The movie was so unique in terms of plots and characters though this is a kid's movie, it will never dissapoint adult audiences. Watching the trailer, people will give the impression of the movie being so chidish but I'm sure after they watch it, they will take it back. I also like the how the movie give importance on sentimental value, what is it? well I can't tell because it may spoil you if you have'nt watch it yet.

If you are the type sensitive-type of person, then maybe this is for you because there is this one part that I almost cry. Yeah, no joke that's why I made this review just because of the fact that it reached my feelings that affect my nervous system to say "GO WATCH THIS MOVIE! to everyone!

My rating

It was a gloomy weekend or rather a tragic weekend when storm "Ondoy" ravaged Metro Manila and other provinces in Region 3 and 4. It was a horrible weekend for me because there was a blackout at around 4 pm last Saturday I think and electric current came back at 4 pm Sunday. It's so hard because you can't do anything like you are in a torture chamber with blindfold tied in a chair because I can't go out the house since the rain is never ending. It was saturday when I posted my rainy post since internet just came back this morning. Due to this crisis, there were no classes today.

I didn't expect this to be something serious because I though it was just an ordinary rain or something but watching those victims on the news, I realized it was so horrible. Marikinia City was rampaged and flood is beyond human level. Today, their situation is horrible and many of them are tormented. Their properties were damaged or worse gone forever. Watching the news just crumples my feelings because as I see them, I can feel their sorrow and punishment. The worst part is that this storm murdered hundreds of people due to the flood and some are missing.

This tragic moment could also be a lesson for the people. Maybe if our garbages were thrown properly and if thousand trees were not chopped down, there is a medium chance that this incident will not be a nightmare for everybody. Let's face it, we are also in charge of this and starting today could be the beginning of change. It's time to be fair to Mother Nature so she will aslo be fait on us. For the victims, all I can say is that they should be strong and faithful and don't let this storm be the end of our lives for this is just an obstacle to test how strong we are to God.

Even my weekend was killjoyed by this storm, I am still thankful that we are still in good condition and our homes are not terrorized though this is not a sign for the lucky ones to celebrate but instead it's time for us to help the victims and most importanly, pray for them.
This is just another calamity and expect more in the future and I believe the worst is yet to come and this time, preparation is a must.

I hope you ,reader, are okay and God Bless.

It's not going to be a pleasant weekend. Our roof produces banging sound due to the billions of droplets of water falling from the sky. The rain is too strong and I am stuck in my seat since I should be in the gym working my muscles out. In this kind of situation, video games will be my best friend and I can't do anything about it. It's too unfair don't you think like the storm should be on a weekday so that we can take extra rest days though for the others it suits fine because they have classes during saturday. Unfortunately for me, Saturday is a rest day for me.

Damn, I really hate this storm. I am not a sleeping hog during siesta time. I don't know but I just hate it since I was a kid. Sleeping in the afternoon is not stored in my long term memory.
Well, what can I do? Nobody can control the weather and just go with the flow. Anyway, the rain still continues...

Have you experienced reading a book or a newspaper and then while you are reading your eyes glimpse on this long quote italicized between two pairs of quotation marks and while you're reading the quote, you'll say "Hey! that's from my favorite movie, Citizen's Kane!". That usually happens to me not just by reading but also from tv shows, people's shirt, and on the radio perhaps.

Movie quotes reminds us of the best movies we watched and for me, a good movie is incomplete without a cool or rare quote. It is the essential memory of the good old days that we watch that movie and to image the movie character in our minds. Here are my top five movie quotes.

5.) "
In this country, you gotta make the money first. Then when you get the money, you get the power. Then when you get the power, then you get the women. "
- Tony "Scarface" Montana

You bet! it's from Scarface (1983) directed by Brian De Palma. It's the story of Tony Montana, a Cuban exile who wants to live the American Dream. For Tony Montana, life is tough in Miami that's why he explained it to Manny, his best friend, how things work in America. The quote is funny because how he said it in the movie is like an exaggerated joke but later in the movie, you will see how he really is serious on what he say. Tony's quotes are priceless like he said "This is paradise, I'm tellin' ya. This town like a great big pussy just waiting to get fucked". My laugh was priceless. Still, out of all Tony's quotes, above is my favorite.

4.) "
Tonight, we dine in Hell!!"
- King Leonidas

It's from 300(2007). Need I say more? It's all about the brave Spartans who defend their precious lands from the abusive persians lead by Xerxes. The quote was staright forward nonetheless it shows pure braveness, anger, and devotion. Spartans are not afraid of anything and they are born to fight therefore the quote sums it all up.

3.) "
Vodka Martini, shaken not stirred"
- James Bond

Unlike the widely known Bond quote which is "(My name is) Bond, James Bond", this one is not memorable for non James Bond fans but for the fans, Vodka Martini is equal to James Bond. It is always associated to our favorite spy and I think Bond ordered a Vodka Martini to all Bond movies. It may not be as famous as the known quote but everytime I am in a bar, it's more interesting to say this to the bartender.

2.) "
One shall stand, One shall fall!"
- Optimus Prime

Damn! it was the final confrontation of Optimus Prime and Megatron . From the 1986 movie of Transformers, definitely it's a masterpiece. The movie was a continuation of the animated series and this is the time where Optimus Prime raged from the autobot base to face Megatron to end it all. That was intense because you will feel from Prime's voice that this is gonna be it! Megatron's going down! It was like Gouku versus Freeza or no its Neo versus agent smith or maybe Ryu versus Akuma. I don't know it's everything the world waited. I just don't want to spoil and definitely this quote rocks!

1.) "
Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get"
-Forrest Gump

If you haven't watched Forrest Gump, then you missed the half of your life. It's one of the best movies I ever watched and I don't mind if I watch it over and over because the movie is never tired of giving me laughs, inspiration, and tears. Whenever you hear this, oh it's Forrest Gump and I know most of you know it. If you have'nt watched it yet, then search your family's movie collection after reading this. The quote is actually funny and it is the main structure of the movie. To understand what I am saying, watch Forrest Gump now!

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