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I'm at 96% overall progress in healing. It's been a while since I wrote in here since it's our exam weeks AND this week mouthful of fever. Now, my appetite is recovering slowly and my strength is almost there. I am thinner than before that's why I need to eat my heart out and buff myself in the gym.

It all started Sunday Morning and I woke up with a bad sign of fever in my body. It became serious in the afternoon and even my headache is getting worse. I was mental and I am seeing things like there is a dwarf in my bed, I can feel something is going on, and etc. I taught I'm going to be crazy. The worst thing about it is the exams. I can't concentrate reading so instead I just rested. Oh yeah, I hate the sleeping problems like I'm going to sleep at early 8:00 pm then I'm going to wake up at 12 to drink my medication. After that, back to sleep if you can. It's hard to sleep like you've took cocaine or heroine.

The good news is I am okay now though I still need some precious time to recover to be at my 100%.

This is the third part of the Evil Dead series directed by Sam Raimi, the director of the Spider Man Trilogy. Past Evil Dead movies belong to the horror genres unlike the third one and the existence of violence added the scare to it. The first Evil Dead movie was independently build but still worth the watch for it's weird plot and extreme Gore. Evil Dead 2: Dawn of the Dead is the continuation of the first movie and this time, the gore is leveled up and the humor is really satisfying. The third one, Army of Darkness, is not actually a horror movie but an action-comedy film.

It started where the second part of the movie ends wherein Ash, the main character played by Bruce Campbell, was transported to the medieval times you know Castles, Kings, Knights, Horses, and of course a beautiful maiden. He brought his car, his chainsaw which is attached in his dismembered right hand, and his trusty two barrel shotgun. After being in trouble with the medieval men, he gained the respect he needed even to this beautiful lady named Sheila played by Embeth Davitz(Little Miss from Bicentennial Man) and as anyone would like, he just wants to go home. The wisemen told him that he needed to get a book called the Necronomicon that contains the magic potion that will bring him back in the present. He was ordered to say a magic phrase if he will be reaching the book or else the army of darkness will be awaken thus the title. Unfortunately, he forgot the phrase when he go there. It's up to our chainsaw shotgun wielder to save Lord Arthurs land.

The movie was so good though critics said it's a disappointing sequel since the first two movies were known for being scary. For me, it's kickass it's seldom that you will see movies like this and probably it's rare. The effects were excellent for it's time like the stop-motion skeletons, and monster effects.

Speaking of Evil Dead, They are going to release Evil Dead 4 which makes me jump off my feet. I think they are planning to make another movie and I am excited because the Ash will be played still by Bruce Campbell itself. Imagine like the last movie was realeased in 1993 and then they will going to make another sequel or merely it is a comeback. WOW! Ash will meet CG effects? That's gonna be awesome.

My rating:

8.9 out of 10

My aunt send us this brilliant device that enables you to communicate with people over the world and not only you can talk to your friends or relatives but you can also see whatever they do. It was called the "ACN iris 3000 videophone". It's a telephone with a video screen and it will blow your mind out the hell of your head. You can see your buddy if and only if he or she has also owns this mechanical equipment.

Back when I was six years old, I saw this commercial of PLDT showcasing some phones and their future projects and my eyes caught this phone which is exactly like the ACN videophone. I think it was just for show and I didn't heard anything about it up until now. Maybe it was only released for those rich businessmen who swam in their vaults of money. I asked my mom to buy that kind of phone way back and she said "That may be too expensive and who knows if that is true". So from that, I realized it was all fake and maybe technology won't grasp that kind of invention. Today, that device which I think is fake is now in my hands for me to use until my voice goes zero and my eyes go numb. When the webcam was released, my dad told me they never realized that it will happen because in their time of being a teenager, they taught it was impossible like just put your mind in a normal teen of the 1980's and imagine that kind of device. You'll consider yourself crazy. Technology develops faster than what we realize now. Maybe in the near future, they will develop teleportation like if you are in Manila and you just step on this circular platform and boom! You are in Hong Kong. How about hologram? or Space travel? or maybe flying cars? Is it impossible? Well, who knows? Technology bites when you least expect it.

We just had a good conversation with my aunt and it really feels like she is hear hanging out with us and thanks to the improved technology. I got this image while my grandma is having fun telling stories to my aunt.

I just can't wait what's in store for us after 10 years. I can see video games played by motion detecting sensors not using a Wii Controller but our bodies. Hopefully, this devices won't be a pain in our asses.

It was 12:00 noon and my Philosophy class is about to begin and our professor told us to write something about love. I'm not kidding! I swear and I smirked a bit. Lately we had some interesting topics like the Philosophy of man about thinking, time, etc. and yes, our present lesson is love. I find it funny because the question , "what is love?", is usually associated with jokes like if your teacher is saying "Question no. 1.....", then your classmate will flip the switch and will shout "What is love?". Even jokes in text messages like "What is love?" is a dream question of a desperate student in the exams.

So my professor left us and he just asked our class president to collect the papers and I don't know the reason why he left. Maybe he wants to rest or something but who cares. I just wrote my ideas about my opinion on love. At first it's like an easy question but when you hold the pen and pressed the point on the paper, you will realize that you are in a cubic dimension trapped in eternity.

So what is love actually? For years, philosophers researched and hardly taught about what love is. Is it something that people earn or give? Is it the feelings we feel? Is it tasty? Well, according to the Urban Dictionary:

Love - is an incredibly powerful word. When you're in love, you always want to be together, and when you're not, you're thinking about being together because you need that person and without them your life is incomplete.....

As you can see, the meaning focuses on the love of romance, the usual relationship, infatuation, marriage and stuff. How about the love to your family? love to your belongings? Pet? Imaginary friend if any? Haha, so you maybe getting my point here. Usually, when we ask someone about love, they will refer to that.

In my opinion, I think love is just define differently by people. We each have our own definition of love depending on our personalities like some people love for money, some love for love itself, some love for lust and so on. God created love just like humans because each of us has this unique essence of love and if abused, it may cause danger just like the way humans are. Though unique in definition, people may tend to have similar essence of love and that may be a device for this two people to meet and try to combine this two ingredient to produce this unbreakable bond.

So, that's it and I hope you learned something though this is just an opinion so if you don't agree, so be it. By the way, do you want to know my own definition of love?

Love, for me, is a feeling for something or someone that you consider a part of your life. It may be branched into different divisions like there is this low love where you value material items that can be sentimental or you are just materialistic(something not worth dying for). Medium love is the love for your pets, dreams, and etc. ( maybe something worth dying for yourself) . And last the High love for your friends, loveones, and parents (worth dying for). And last but not the least is the Extreme level wherein here belongs your love for God.

So that's it! I hope you loved my post and God Bless!

Yesterday, I was so tired because of the huge crowd of commuters on the way to Manila and on the way home. At School, I was mind tortured because of the comeback of assignments and lectures. Our classes will be extended one week to make up with the one week vacation. It was an aftershock like you spend your time on Hawaii in one week then going back to the prison cell after.

Even the platform in Legarda station was crowded. That itself is just a bad sign that we will took the expensive fx on the way home rather than taking the fast and the furious jeepneys. When I got home, I just get dressed and go straight to the table to eat like Monkey d Luffy.
Pfah. My mind is blank and I can't say anything .... sigh...

After a weekend of disaster, everyone deserves a week of vacation and tomorrow will be another regular day for everybody. I just finished my assignments and what a waste isn't it? I've been just resting the whole week and I just did my homework the last day of this week. Ever since I was in High School, procrastination greatly possessed my inner being and as I grew up, this cancer develops faster than my fingernails. I don't know but I really love doing it at the eleventh hour, you know the last minute projects, assignments, exam reviews etc. I know it's improper but my mind becomes alert and focused if it's rushed and in the last minute. I tried it one time that I have done this project one week before the deadline and my mind power just can't be released. Well, I guess I can't do anything about it.

I used this vacant week in buffing myself in the gym, playing, texting, and most of the stuff that I can barely do during weekdays. I guess sembreak will be short this year because of this incident so after the final exams and enrollment, Welcome 2nd semester! new nightmares and new subjects going to haunt our asses. Hopefully, my schedule will be more humane.

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