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Okay so here's what happpend, August 29, 2009 Saturday night I was in Brindisi Bar near Budget Lane and I am with my friends (classmates in elementary to be exact) and we had fun. Well, for the record that was the first time I was drunk. It was funny and I felt like crazy. My vision has a small hole in the middle and everything that surrounds it has a blur-image just like the inside of a glass. I enjoyed the night since I saw my former classmates already grown up! Well, except for those who I just met that night. It was their high school friends to be specific though I met some of them. I remembered I was seating at the end of the long table and at the back of me was two bald guys one was playing the guitar and the other was signging and then I am almost falling down like my stomach was rumbling and I want to fuckin puke. Everything was looking at me asking "okay ka lang?" and "wag kang yumoko!". Although, the funny thing is that I am so practicaly quiet when I was drunk. I'm not one of those who go ape shit when they are pissed-off drunk. I am the opposite actually when I am not drunk I'm like a parrot with the body of a gorilla like I am talking too much and I move here and there. Well, that was fun and memorable for my first drunk night. Thanks to everyone!! Love you all!! Our elementary batch is the best!!
Then the next day, I slept 3:30 and woke up at 8 o clock. I don't know I can's sleep anymore when I woked up. Shit, I was like burnout and shit and I can't walk a little like the floor was tilted upright. Oh and I forget, 6:00 pm that day I still have a party with my High School Friends. Oh what a dayy!!! though I was not drunk in that party and I just had fun singing with my HS friend! I was like siting on a baseball game watching my friends getting a home run! The only problem is that I want more of us to come with the party. It's our group over and over again like we are the only ones who drink in our hs group. But I am not actually saying that I am getting tired of my friends.. i just want to see more spirit of us... in any case, it is still fun!
You know what, these two parties made me realize something. Remembe the graduation times when we are all crying our damn tears out realizing we will not see each other again? well fuck it! They are my friends forever! gotta love them! Even if I get drunk over and over, I gotta love to be with them!! Even a crappy liquid like beer makes us together in fact, anything can make us together as long as they are your friends!
well, gotta go!! hope you like it!

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