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It's Christmas vacation yet again and we had few experiences on our professors last November and the half of december. I think it's time for me to review again all the professors though I won't review some because some retained and I won't review them anymore because I already did. So for the reviews:

Operating Systems - Well, he is indeed a good professor and I really learned a lot. He is a low tempered professor and he really does make exams well. He is cool.

Integral Calculus - I won't rant on her skills because she is good but she has a low volume voice. Imagine your television is on a volume 1 even with her Lapel mic. Anyway, let her pass.

Moral Theology - (review done in the previous post)

Principles of Marketing - Do you know the pokemon Clefairy? well they have the same physical structure and she is as well as harmless. It's like everything you do related to her topic is right. Lot's of activities, and I gotta love that candy prize.

Graphics and Multimedia Systems - Every meeting, I always notice his attire and that is the retro styled fashion polo tucked in his pants with a leather belt. I just hate the self study method. He teaches flash so he just put Instructions in MS Word format in every pc on the lab and there you go. Talk about hassle free professors.

Database 2 - (review done)

Object Oriented Programming - (review done but I still had ERRORS)

Research applications and methods - She's a hardworking prof and so hardworking that she's never been absent, completes the one and a half hour meeting, and of course a quiz every meeting. At least, not much of a problem.

Fundamentals of Accounting Part2 - Let's save the worst for last and if my first accounting was good, this one was the grandmommy of all motherfuckin terror prof. She discusses fast like a bullet train and she insults each and every one of us like we are ingrates. I wish I would pass this subject and I wish there is a rehabilitation center for profs like her.

That's about it and these are the reasons why I didn't have a lot of updates.

P.S. : Dedicated to all my Blockmates in San Beda especially to Chay Villacorta for nagging me everyday to make this review, those students under those professors, and to the professors of course.


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