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I hate it when I'm walking with Pedestrian Smokers! I don't care if you want to pollute your lungs and kill yourself but please do it on a smoking area or something besides there are many people out there who have diseases and you don't want to be the suspect. It's obvious that I am not a smoker but that doesn't mean I hate all smokers out there in fact most of my friends are smokers and none of them can persuade me to put that cigarette butt between my lips. Since I was a kid, I really hated that dreadful smoke when it goes through my nose and I really swore to myself that I won't be doing it and I'm glad I'm keeping that promise to myself.

I really just hate it like when I'm on the way to school, then a fucker with a smoke will breath his gaseous vomit then the wind will blow at my direction, Result: A sour face of mine. Please, smoke those sticks of death somewhere. Seriously, I hate the scent of smoke and I don't know why most of the people smoke. Well, who am I to put rules like that in this country so why am I complaining? the government has the power to put this miserable rule out of this hellhole. Wait, I think government officials are smokers too so maybe no one will agree with me, except the Department of Health I think.

Bottom line, don't smoke on public areas! Please fuckers! I have a life to live. When you smoke, kill yourselves with a knife, don't be a suicide bomber!


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