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For the third fucking time, my blog had been a ghost town, that's sucks. But it's okay, I had been busy in the past few weeks due to the requirements and exams. At last! it's finally over. I'm still crossing my fingers on my Calculus and Accounting exams. It's 12:15 midnight while I'm writing this post and my hands are itchy for more ideas in this blog.

I'm just wondering why did the summer heat started so early. When the clock strikes at 9:00 am, this country is being grilled. These are the days when you take a bath 2-3 times a day, you crave for ice-cream or halo-halo, and of course your imagination flying through beaches. Summer is so much fun because:

1.) It's vacaton!!! what the heck? everyone loves and deserves a damn vacation. Where you can do anything whatever you want!

2.) As I said, cold treats. :)

3.) You can spend time with your family!

4.) Staying late at night to play games, hangout with friends, and for me, to write on this blog.

5.) Your friends are always available for parties, bondings, and etc.

Now for some unnecessary reason, I hate summer because:

1.) Intense Heat... such a beast!

2.) No allowance means no money... good luck finding those summer jobs!

3.) Since you are vacant, household chores will be your best friend... or rival.

4.) 1:00pm - 3:00pm is boring...

5.) Stupid Children will be everywhere!

Just some of my frustrations. This is some sign that I'm going to be posting my thoughts as often as possible. Of course boredom will strike and many interesting things will happen this summer. Still, I'm a bit confused on some things and I have some minor problems. Phew, talk about stress.


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