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My dad has just bought me the game Spore exclusively on PC. It was so cool and it has a unique concept. Produced by EA and Developed by Maxis, what do you expect? from the creators of The Sims series, Will Wright himself. I consider him as a game god even though he just made a couple of games because he touched the hearts and minds of gamers buy creating the sims, a life simulation games that is suitable for everyone. I once read an article about an interview on how did he came up with the concept. He quoted something like "I want to make a game that will catch the attention of everyone. There are people who does not like sports, action, kiddy games, and etc. but sims is related to everything people do."
Let's talk about the game. Of course I was excited that I have in my precious hands the game spore and I just pop the fucker in the cd-rom and WHOA! The Spore logo came out and time for installation. After 20 minutes, it's game time and the menu was so innovative like if you play The Sims 2, you will choose a neighborhood to play in but in Spore, you will choose among the planets on a Razor-blade like galaxy. At first, you are going to be a cell either a carnivore or a herbivore depending on your choice and then you will control its movments and try to munch on meat, cell, or small algae. When you grow into large size, you will start to migrate on land and you will interact with other species. Then it will advance to the tribe stage in which you are controlling a tribe of course, yes you will be controlling tribes in a strategy game way until you take over the planet or galaxy if you can.
It's a memorable game and so special though it can be repetitive if you keep playing it but still it has its charm and still can capture the hearts of gamers.

I give this game


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