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Waking up at 6:00 am with a breakfast buffet is one of the greatest mornings I ever had and they have it in the resort. Well, it's not the buffet that you expect like fried turkey and roast beef. It's the regular breakfast but with a lot of choices and a delicious style of cooking. Got to love those tuna, scrambled egg, bread, watermelon, fried rice, and a coffee while watching the small waves on the beach. After being stuffed by our grand breakfast, our tour van will be running at 9:00 am so we took a bath and dressed up and we waited until 9 for our tour van. We just chilled out. My grandpa and grandma stayed in our room while my aunt, uncle, and me took pictures and I tried to appreciate the white sands of Panglao. No matter how I look at it, it's awesome.

So there we go, we moved out with the van with a tour guide and a screeching driver like those Jeepney drivers in Antipolo. Though in Bohol, it's a bit reasonable to be a mad driver because of the smooth roads and the traffic. In Manila, doing that thing is suicide. Anyway, the tour guide shared a lot of facts and information.

Bohol quick Facts

*Bohol is derived from the barrio of Bo-ol meaning "from the well".

*Bohol is the Hometown of Francisco Dagohoy who led athe longest revolt in the Philippines

*It was in Bohol when Miguel Lopez de Legazpi and Datu Sikatuna did the brotherly Blood-Compact.

*Bohol's Capital is Tagbilaran City.

*It is also the Hometown of Carlos P. Garcia, the 8th President of the Philippines. One municipality was named after him and it's an island in the North East of Bohol though he was born in Talibon.

Our first stop was the Chapel of Immaculate Concepcion in Baclayon. It's the oldest Chapel in Bohol. We took pictures inside and outside the chapel but we are prohibited in the musuem. It was really great that they preserved that structure. I rememebered in the musuem that it was actually scary not because of the environment but because of the wooden floors. It was in the upper floor of the Chapel and the wood was like creaking when you step on it like when you jump, you will fall. Just kidding but the creaking wood was true. So after that, we proceed to the Smallest Monkey in the world, The cute Tarsier. What we saw was some domesticated tarsier not some wild ones because according to the tourists, it's gonna be a tough chase if we want some wild ones. Tarsiers are small. Just the size of you regular pin cushion but with a long tail. Tarsiers are nocturnal meaning they are active during the night like Owls that's why some of them are drowsing when we got there. They are so cute you might want to steal them in your pockets. I also love how you feed them because they tend to close their eyes when they eat. Primarily, they eat insects like caterpillars and stuff. Their eyes are really big which is one of their assets I think. Haha. After some tarsier madness, we then go to the world famous Chocolate Hills located in Carmen 55 km from Tagbilaran City. We are not actually in the hills but we are on the view deck to see a thousands of hills surrounding you 360 degrees view like you are in the center. To get to the view deck, you have to climb this 214 stair steps I think but it's really well worth. These perfect cone shaped hills became a candidate for the new 7 wonders of the world and no doubt it should be. After some Chocolate hills madness, we are all hungry for lunch but before that, we took some pictures in the mahogany forrest on the way to Loboc. These trees were amazing and it really makes you feel you are in the forrests of North America. We just had some 5 minute relaxation mode. Then here we go, time for some lunch and another eat all you can restaurant on a floating boat in Loboc River. So relaxing and so good. It's so nice just sitting on the side of the boat looking at those nipa trees inhaling the fresh river breeze while eating some watermelon, So awesome. After the river cruise, we then proceed to the Clarin Ancestral House. The home of the first governor of Bohol. I just can't rememeber his first name but anyway one of his descendants became a senator of the Philippine Congress during the same time of Benigno Aquino Sr and Lorenzo Sumulong. The house was preserved by the Clarin Family and inside you will some old jars, furniture, old documentations of senator clarin, their tables, a door with a secret lock, and so much many stuff. After that, went to this souvenir shop and we bought some stuff and then going to the last stop, the Blood-Compact Shirine where you will see some statues in the exact same spot of the Blood-Compact of Legazpi and Sikatuna. That was the last spot so our van dropped us at the resort and we kicked back. It was an exhausting day but I enjoyed the trip. I learned many stuff and saw the marvey of God's creation and how people took care of it.

Sorry for the late post and it's a pleasure for me to share to everyone my experience in Bohol. Add Bohol in your vacation checklist and I will assure you it's well worth!


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