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I have been so busy these past few weeks due to the hectic second semester schedule for my 2nd year of college. My class starts at 9:00 am Monday and Thursday and 7:30 am for Tuesday and Friday while my everyday dissmissal is 6:00 pm. Cool huh? Morning to evening, dusk till dawn, from Hawaii to New Zealand (taking the long path), from head to toe, from Single-celled animals to a human being, and etc. You got the point and sorry for the long wait.

After the extravagant tour, we decided to just relax for our 3rd day and try to appreciate Panglao more. Man, I love the white sand and the sound of minimal waves from the beach. It makes you want to go back over and over again. Our Morning, again, was greeted by another batch of breakfast buffet and it sure does the same excellent cooking job. We went to the same table and I waited for an hour or two and then it's time for more beach madness. We s
oaked ourselves in the salty waters of Panglao and we appreciated the magnificent beauty of the clean underwaters, fresh ocean air, and the breath-taking views around. I insisted the heat of the sun because I believed that moment was memorable so why not take a dark remembrance all through my body. My aunt and my grandmother did not took a vial of sunlight. They really hate to have a dark skin which made me taught they may have the descendants of Dracula. Anyway, before lunch I took a shower for some Seafood Lunch Fest. We ate this rare fish in "sinigang" and I just took in some food like a bottomless pit because it's delicous. When the sun reached the extreme hot temprature, I took a dip in the pool instead so I can swim and workout a bit. The beach is not deep enough for you to do your breaststroke, freestyle, and butterfly even in High Tide so I took a couple of rounds to stretch my dead muscles and brittle bones. Me and my uncle took some Brandy shots in that evening considered as a celebration for our last night. (Para sa mga Pilipino, ginawa ko lang sosy yung Brandy ha. FYI, Matador un. :) )

There is not much to say in the last day except it's a day of reminiscing or maybe a bit nostlagic. We are suppose to depart at 1:30 pm in Bohol so we fixed our carriages and stuff though we made a last dip in the beach. As you can see, My skin color was starting to burn like brownish red or something and it is totally burned charcoal black today.
Well, I guess it's a part of a beach vacation and I actually liked it. After fixing some stuff, I went back to my favorite seat near the resto-bar. I rememebered everything from the departure of the plane, the quick dip at the beach, the tour, Chocolate hills, Tarsier, Panglao and everything went through my mind trying to tease me like saying "You should live here!". Anyway, riding the service van to the airport will give you this mixed feeling of sadness and excitement. Sadness because you will be leaving the paradise which is a rare scene in Luzon. Excitement because you want to see your family, friends, and others to tell all your experiences in the vacation. Riding the Plane on the way home, I realized so many things that every human should imagine. Seing Bohol, I can see the great marvey of God's creation. It's a masterpiece and actually it's just a small part of all the great works of God. God really is creative that you will feel the guilt on how you pollute nature on any way you can imagine. As the plane rises, My nostalgic moments are over and looking at the plane window leaving Bohol, I said to myself "I don't want to be the only one to enjoy this adventure. I want my family, friends, and relatives to experience this kind of vacation." That statement made me write this blog for you to be a part of my experience. I don't want to be selfish and to enjoy this myself. This is God's creation and it's for everyone and from this simple way of sharing my thoughts through blog, telling stories, and uploading pictures is my way of sharing my happiness. Thanks for reading a 3 part post of my vacation in Bohol. If you have the money and time, try to book your flight in Bohol. It's fun and relaxing. It's also a simple way for supporting the tourism in the Philippines.

Goodnight everybody and have a nice day!


I had an Airplane ear arriving on NAIA.. man it hurts!!!!


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