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I hate it when I'm walking with Pedestrian Smokers! I don't care if you want to pollute your lungs and kill yourself but please do it on a smoking area or something besides there are many people out there who have diseases and you don't want to be the suspect. It's obvious that I am not a smoker but that doesn't mean I hate all smokers out there in fact most of my friends are smokers and none of them can persuade me to put that cigarette butt between my lips. Since I was a kid, I really hated that dreadful smoke when it goes through my nose and I really swore to myself that I won't be doing it and I'm glad I'm keeping that promise to myself.

I really just hate it like when I'm on the way to school, then a fucker with a smoke will breath his gaseous vomit then the wind will blow at my direction, Result: A sour face of mine. Please, smoke those sticks of death somewhere. Seriously, I hate the scent of smoke and I don't know why most of the people smoke. Well, who am I to put rules like that in this country so why am I complaining? the government has the power to put this miserable rule out of this hellhole. Wait, I think government officials are smokers too so maybe no one will agree with me, except the Department of Health I think.

Bottom line, don't smoke on public areas! Please fuckers! I have a life to live. When you smoke, kill yourselves with a knife, don't be a suicide bomber!

After all these tiring schoolwork and an enjoyable vacation, I left this precious blog in my basement. Sorry "What's in my mind?" blog, I will try to update you again regularly. So here I am still the same and I still want to share whatever I want. Anyway, these past weeks that I left this blog hanging, I am addicted to my new Nintendo Wii. For those people who lacks video game awareness, it's a video game console that lets you experience the game. The controller is like a remote control for the Television and yes it's wireless. Often, the games offered to Wii lets you swing, shake, or jerk your controller for your game to be played., Like for instance the game is about a sword fight, you will hold your controller like a sword and swing it then the sensor will detect the motion you are doing. fun eh?

What makes it more fun is that Nintendo recreate their game masterpieces into this magical console like Super Mario bros., Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong, Punch-Out and more. Like for instance, they released another sequel for the Super Mario Bros. Series entitled "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" which is fun to play because it lets you play 4 players at once. Yes you are reading it right, four players at once. Well, if you have 4 controllers then you can have a pop-corn video game party every day. I beat this game but damn It's so fucking difficult, seriously. I finished this game within this week but I consider it the week of frustration. The stages were not meant for children because it takes endurance, patience, skills, and tranquilizer(well, to calm yourself so you cannot throw your Wii Console out the window). But that's what the games are meant for, the Challenge. If you beat a stage, you will have this distinctive light feeling that you are a gaming expert.

My final verdict:

Nintendo Wii is revoltutionary, Shigeru Miyamoto really is the genius when it comes to video games. They made this as a competitor to PS3 and Xbox 360 though Nintendo WIi graphics are no match for the former 2. It may have a weak graphic system but hey, it's a brand new idea and well you gotta love that gaming EXPERIENCE. So I will give this console a 9.5/10

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