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Last Wednesday (July 7, 2010 to be exact) was my birthday and it was my Nineteenth. Me and my college friends played basketball and we had this mini tournament going on. Anyway, One of my friend quoted "Ohh so you are 19 years old. Well I'm afraid to turn 19 because it's a year away from leaving your teenage shoes." For a few seconds, all my teenage moments flashed into my eyes like doing fast forward while watching movies. He has a point tough and my nerves struck realizing that I'm getting old. After those shit, I smiled and said "Well, it's gonna suck that I'm turning into an adult but look on the bright side, just like what Ms. Chokesondick said in South Park, Life is about moving forward". 

Life is too fast especially when you are enjoying every second of it. It will only take 365 days and I'm entering door 20, the journey to being an adult. Makes me cry thinking all of the good and bad times I had these past years and how I miss those precious memories like if they are tangible, they would be on my room standing like trophies.  All I think about now is that life is offering me more challenges that I know I could take and more memories to be cherished in the far future.

For all my friends, relatives, and my parents, I'm thanking you all for being a part of my life and definitely you played a great role in molding me into a great human being though I'm not that perfectly mold but fuck that nobody is perfect anyway. Thanks for all those people who greeted me and by the way, my wish will be more moments to spend for all my love ones. 

P.S.: Thanks God for a life that is well worth :)


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