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Wow! it's been months since I've been here and I'm happy to be back. I won't discuss the reason because it's tragic and everyone knows it. Well anyway, I may be hurt but I know to myself that it would be healed. So for the topic I will discuss something about this degree I'm taking up so let's start shall we?

College, just hearing the word makes high school students excited and present college students puke. College and challenge just comes together just like hard bosses in video games where the defining moment of your life is on the line. In the movies, we see college as a joke era l where girls in mini skirts, party, drugs, and having a good time exist but in reality, it's the time where your nose bleeds literally. 

As a college student, I take B.S. Information and Communication Technology. I'm proud to say that I am an IT student. I know it's not Law, Nursing, Accountancy, Engineering or other courses that has "respect" spelled all over it but little do  they know how hard it is. Some think of IT as an easy course considering you just have to sit your ass on the computer the whole day so for the slacker , they think this course would be easy though at first I taught this also would be easy but holy sh!t!! It's totally hard. When people I asked about your course and you said IT, they won't be impress though I can't blame them because IT became popular just about less than 10 years ago I think (correct me If am wrong). In a time where technology is used every microsecond of our time, there's no doubt that IT jobs are spreading like a virus. 

So for all High School Students out there, all I can say that IT is not a 'just' course. If you think you have good analytic knowledge then maybe this course is for you. Your love for video games doesn't help on doing well though it can somewhat be helpful. Information technology is a 4 year course educationally but it's a lifetime study in reality because technology tend to update every second. Programming is fun, making animations is cool but Creating systems is like playing Nintendo Wii with your mouth while balancing a printer in your head.

Dedicated to all High school students who would take up IT and of course my Beloved section BIT, we're going to make this. We are all graduating 2012!!... 


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