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Summer is hot. We are in a tropical country so it sucks. I spent my summer watching movies and when I say movies, the good ones. I'm not a jerk who just watches the latest releases and definitely I am not that kind of JERK who watches a movie because my friend says it's AWESOME. I always refer to Rotten Tomatoes and top critics. I am the type of movie fan that prefer "For a Few Dollars more" than Mission Impossible, Star Wars than Transformers, and Dawn of the Dead(1978) than Dawn of the Dead(2004). Yes, I love old films but that doesn't mean I hate modern films. I just cherish classic masterpieces. Modern films are great but most of them just wears out in a short amount of time. 

So as for my comeback, I would love to show reviews of my top 10 favorite films. I can't tell when exactly can I post my reviews but I will make sure that you can see them from your computer monitors or screens. 

Wow! It's been a year or two since my last blog post. Well now I am bored and I'm getting back since there is an amount of streaming ideas running through my mind. I think I will start posting tomorrow. I'm just not in the mood. I'll think of another idea to post tomorrow.

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