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I'm at 96% overall progress in healing. It's been a while since I wrote in here since it's our exam weeks AND this week mouthful of fever. Now, my appetite is recovering slowly and my strength is almost there. I am thinner than before that's why I need to eat my heart out and buff myself in the gym.

It all started Sunday Morning and I woke up with a bad sign of fever in my body. It became serious in the afternoon and even my headache is getting worse. I was mental and I am seeing things like there is a dwarf in my bed, I can feel something is going on, and etc. I taught I'm going to be crazy. The worst thing about it is the exams. I can't concentrate reading so instead I just rested. Oh yeah, I hate the sleeping problems like I'm going to sleep at early 8:00 pm then I'm going to wake up at 12 to drink my medication. After that, back to sleep if you can. It's hard to sleep like you've took cocaine or heroine.

The good news is I am okay now though I still need some precious time to recover to be at my 100%.


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