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This is the third part of the Evil Dead series directed by Sam Raimi, the director of the Spider Man Trilogy. Past Evil Dead movies belong to the horror genres unlike the third one and the existence of violence added the scare to it. The first Evil Dead movie was independently build but still worth the watch for it's weird plot and extreme Gore. Evil Dead 2: Dawn of the Dead is the continuation of the first movie and this time, the gore is leveled up and the humor is really satisfying. The third one, Army of Darkness, is not actually a horror movie but an action-comedy film.

It started where the second part of the movie ends wherein Ash, the main character played by Bruce Campbell, was transported to the medieval times you know Castles, Kings, Knights, Horses, and of course a beautiful maiden. He brought his car, his chainsaw which is attached in his dismembered right hand, and his trusty two barrel shotgun. After being in trouble with the medieval men, he gained the respect he needed even to this beautiful lady named Sheila played by Embeth Davitz(Little Miss from Bicentennial Man) and as anyone would like, he just wants to go home. The wisemen told him that he needed to get a book called the Necronomicon that contains the magic potion that will bring him back in the present. He was ordered to say a magic phrase if he will be reaching the book or else the army of darkness will be awaken thus the title. Unfortunately, he forgot the phrase when he go there. It's up to our chainsaw shotgun wielder to save Lord Arthurs land.

The movie was so good though critics said it's a disappointing sequel since the first two movies were known for being scary. For me, it's kickass it's seldom that you will see movies like this and probably it's rare. The effects were excellent for it's time like the stop-motion skeletons, and monster effects.

Speaking of Evil Dead, They are going to release Evil Dead 4 which makes me jump off my feet. I think they are planning to make another movie and I am excited because the Ash will be played still by Bruce Campbell itself. Imagine like the last movie was realeased in 1993 and then they will going to make another sequel or merely it is a comeback. WOW! Ash will meet CG effects? That's gonna be awesome.

My rating:

8.9 out of 10


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