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After a weekend of disaster, everyone deserves a week of vacation and tomorrow will be another regular day for everybody. I just finished my assignments and what a waste isn't it? I've been just resting the whole week and I just did my homework the last day of this week. Ever since I was in High School, procrastination greatly possessed my inner being and as I grew up, this cancer develops faster than my fingernails. I don't know but I really love doing it at the eleventh hour, you know the last minute projects, assignments, exam reviews etc. I know it's improper but my mind becomes alert and focused if it's rushed and in the last minute. I tried it one time that I have done this project one week before the deadline and my mind power just can't be released. Well, I guess I can't do anything about it.

I used this vacant week in buffing myself in the gym, playing, texting, and most of the stuff that I can barely do during weekdays. I guess sembreak will be short this year because of this incident so after the final exams and enrollment, Welcome 2nd semester! new nightmares and new subjects going to haunt our asses. Hopefully, my schedule will be more humane.


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