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I remembered when my pop used to tell me about the craze on Atari 2600 way back then when they were young. He told me it was heaven you hold the horizontal controller on your perspiring hand because of the excitement and moving the smooth joystick with your thumb. Playing "Asteroids", Pac-man, and some games similar to Galaga and Life Force were so good it's like playing Tekken 6 or Red Alert 3 today. My pop did not had the chance to grab one of those treasures instead he use to pay and play. You know the usual rent we are doing here in the present. After the Atari fell off it's feet, The Super-famicom invaded the stores of the Philippines like shoving Atari away from each of the televisions plugging on it. By that time, my pop and his sisters owned one of those classic gemstones. Enough for the introduction. That historical story is just the reason why I am addicted to video games. Well, not too addicted that I neglect my precious studies just to play those luxuries but the fact that I love video games will remain the fact.
The first console I got my hands on was the superfamicom. Yes, that is the famicom of my pop. It still runs but not smoothly as it should be but nonetheless, playable and enough to entertain 5 or 6 people watching you overtaking those slow traffic in "Road Fighter". Like any other electronics, the superfamicom I owned last for about 6 months and it really was so sad.
Though jus a couple of years, I owned a Sony Playstation. The should-be idea of Nintendo but they did not like the idea so Sony used that idea of CD-Rom instead of those shaky and heavy cartridges though Cartridges are capable of non-loading games. ANyway, PLaystaion started my true entertainment. Playing Crash Bandicoot, Spyro the Dragon, and so much more. I also started playing bloody games at the age of 8 like Mortal Kombat 4 but it did not affected my psychological behaviour because of my mom who keeps nagging me of saying "Don't imitate those fools". The life-span of my PS lasted for 3 solid years of pure excitement and entertainment.
Today, I still brought my childhood and I still lay video games especially with my friends. Dota is one of our artillery when it comes to addiction. I also bought gaming magazines for news, updates, and reviews. When the time comes, I will show all of my collections to my son/s and/or daughter/s for them to realize what truly am I. Well anyway, Just sharing a bit of a history. I am too sleepy to continue. Until next time. Hope u enjoyed a bit...... :)


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