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Maybe most of us knew the issue on led content from Chinese export materials such as those of Mattel toys inc. that can be poisonous especially to children. Oh yeah! melamine content on milk is also from China. China exports materials on almost 85% of all countries in the world. Are they trying to kill us? did they just want to earn money? or is part of the end of the world?
It may sound scary but hell we don't know on what's gonna happen. We may not know that a caldera is beneath our house and maybe tomorrow it will gush lava and burn our fucking asses.
Probably, those deadly contents may be the effect of the economic crisis and we should be aware know that it can be a warning for the scariest thing to happen.

Going way back, the issue of global warming is also a widespread news and even people who doesn't even know the meaning of global warming are scared of the fact that it exists. I pity those polar bears which are always shown on tv when the show is all about Global warming that they barely stand on a piece of ice. Those cute creatures should live!! If only we can bring them to our temperate or tropical countries but definitely they can't live here. Try to watch the video on youtube about "Knut the polar bear" and it may reach through your hearts and trigger your feelings.

Combining these two ideas may result to what we fear of the Armageddon or the judgment day for some (movies such as The Day After Tomorrow made people scared about the issue). Yes, i fear for that day to come. I want to live as long as I could! I want to enjoy life like old people has done. It will be unfair to me and to other youngsters to be dead earlier than the early bird.

We can stand a chance for this issue, let's support projects on pushing away global warming and let's cooperate on ways to save earth. Economic crisis will start from us, then to higher people especially people who belongs to the government. I hope Barack Obama kept his word from his Slogan "Change we need". Last and certainly not the least, wether what your religion is, let us pray for this issues not to happen. I hope you understand what I have in mind because I'm a bit sleepy typing this post. Thanks for reading and I hope you learng something. Comments are appreciated


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