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This is a new portion of my blog, the "You want to review?". Well what is this all about? It's about me reviewing different kinds of sh!t to review ranging from games, music, bands, and everything you want me to review. You want me to review something? just send me. At the same time, I will review what I want to review. The first thing that I will review will be the PS2 game Grand Theft Auto San Andreas... mmmmmmy favorite! I finished this game 2 times even though you can finish this masterpiece for a month. :) Anyway, what is the greates playstation 2 game of all time?

It's got to be Grand Theft Auto:San Andreas by Rockstar Games! Not just because it's free roam(meaning you can do whatever you want) and you can do a killing frenzy. The thing that made this game so good is almost everything like the storyline, the atmosphere, the realism, and much more to say. This game is well balanced by factors.
The story starts in the 90's where the protagonist Carl Johnson or much famous for the name of CJ. Carl Johnson was having a nice and healthy life in Liberty City when he knew that his brother and his mother were murdered by their rival gangs in Los Santos. Being aware on the incident, he went back home. Expecting for a nice welcoming, it gets worse. Tenppenny, the police who makes fun of CJ and his gang, still makes fun of him, his brother blaming him for the death of their mother and brother, and worst of all, Orange Grove gang is going back to their weak state.

Gta San Andreas got it all, the good driving game, the best action scenes, and many alternative mini games depending on the activity of the situation. Do you want to know a game where everything has it? A game where Sims 2, Fight Night, Max Payne, Hitman, Metal gear, mercenaris, Top Gun, and Gran Turismo combined in a hybrid? Well, you are looking at it. Life simulation is applied in this game wherin when you eat too much you get fat while when you starve yourself you get thin. Working out will make make your muscles pack and taking over territories will earn you and your gang respect.
CJ with Cesar and Varrios Los Aztecas.

The places in this game are based on the west coast of United States wherein Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Las Vegas are alternated to Los Santos, San Fierro, and Las Venturas correspondingly. Every detail of the places are marvelous from the white Hollywood letters in LA (Vinewood in San Andreas) to the Colorful Casinos of Las Vegas.

The radio stations are also great and features a variety of great music suitable for each of the great environment you can explore. Vehicles are well modeled from the cars of the 90's. There's much to say to this hit masterpiece and it will give you a month to finish the story mode alone excluding the sidemissions and did I mention it is freeroam? There is even a multiplayer just for fun of roaming around and slaughtering or doing stunts. In the United States, this game was banned after it changed the ESRB to Adult's only because of some hackers editing a program and activating this sort of "Hot coffee mod" where you can play a mini-game where CJ is having a quickie scene on some of his girlfriends.

Anyway, this game is good for sure and it's going to make you busy especially when you play it in summer. Don't just rent it, buy it! It's worth it to show your son in the future and tell it in his face "THis is my favorite game when I was your age!" :)

You want to know the result? It's 10/10!!!


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