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Earlier, I were lying on my "energy-absorber bed" (my bed has this power that when you are sitting or whatever you are doing above it, you never want to get out of it again... haha.. well, I don't know) and thinking some unnatural events that took place in this rough sphere we called earth. One simple example is ghost. When I was a kid, I believe ghosts are only bullsh!t I mean until now, I haven't seen one, hear, feel? well, it might sound creepy but I won't believe such kind until I see,hear, or feel one. If ghost really exist, then my only weapon of truth is God. I believe in him and he won't let me be possessed or harmed by those irritating spirits who does not want to rest.

Guess what, it did not stop on ghosts. I still tried to dig up more ideas on my majestic mind and you know what I found? the idea of those magic juices or vitamins that will lessen fat. I mean, what a piece of bullsh!t if those were really true, then there will be fat rich people who will turn their megasizes into feathersizes. The only thing that I believe that can make your body weight light as air will be workout and maybe you are so damn rich you can throw your money down on Liposuction. Maybe those magic beverages can be effective when you are already fit.

Oh yeah! those supplements that you see in television on an advertisment where it can boost your memory or your thinking power? another crap! well then, you don't need those garbage for you to have a good thinking power. The thing that you should need is perseverance (not ring of health and void stone ).
However, there is this one thing that keeps me on my true self ant that simple thing is "faith in Him". He will always be there for you wether you are a pesky human or an angel. He gives us the strength to pass our obstacles and He will be watching us and our love ones. Just don't blame Him when something happens that you may hate. Just believe. :)


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