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Last monday, I got home at about 8 o'clock and ready to surf the net. Pressing double click on the Mozilla shortcut icon on my desktop is a daily routine everyday to check some updates on my Facebook, add some post here in my blog, and of course checking my Yahoo mail besides my homepage is Yahoo because it shows the latest news around the globe. Speaking of which, I saw this image of Kanye West taking Taylor Swift's mic from the video music awards. All I knew was Taylor won the best female video award. She was about to get her trophy when Kanye storms over and grabbed the mic saying "Yo Taylor, I’m really happy for you, I’ll let you finish, but Beyoncé has one of the best videos of all time. One of the best videos of all time!" from his dirty lungs. He was booed while disrespecting Taylor. That's so stupid like if I were Taylor I'll say "The hell I care".

It's disrespectful and I believe that many people will hate Kanye for his undesirable behaviour. He acts like a stupid brat besides it's a video music awards not a rapping contest for fuck's sake. I am not a fan of Taylor Swift and definitely I am not a Kanye fan either but if you will check every corner of that situation, the blame will be 100% on Kanye.

Some black americans are still discriminated in different ways people can ever imagine. If they will keep on doing such things, they will be discriminated forever. I don't want to be biased but white people should also change the way on how they look on blacks like some movies depict them as lower class americans which is definitely not right.

Kanye owes a big apology to Taylor and I mean big though I heard on some news that Kanye apologized in the Jany Leno Show but even though he apologizes a hundred times, his reputation will still be under and that incident will be remembered. As for Taylor, she deserves her award and good thing she's not trying to fight back. She knew that it's better to shut up than cause more issues that may ruin her career. So Kanye, one more strike and your carreer will be out.


tama tama. okay rin ngang hinahayaan nalang ni Taylor ung fans at ibang celebs na lumaban kay Kanye.

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