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It was a gloomy weekend or rather a tragic weekend when storm "Ondoy" ravaged Metro Manila and other provinces in Region 3 and 4. It was a horrible weekend for me because there was a blackout at around 4 pm last Saturday I think and electric current came back at 4 pm Sunday. It's so hard because you can't do anything like you are in a torture chamber with blindfold tied in a chair because I can't go out the house since the rain is never ending. It was saturday when I posted my rainy post since internet just came back this morning. Due to this crisis, there were no classes today.

I didn't expect this to be something serious because I though it was just an ordinary rain or something but watching those victims on the news, I realized it was so horrible. Marikinia City was rampaged and flood is beyond human level. Today, their situation is horrible and many of them are tormented. Their properties were damaged or worse gone forever. Watching the news just crumples my feelings because as I see them, I can feel their sorrow and punishment. The worst part is that this storm murdered hundreds of people due to the flood and some are missing.

This tragic moment could also be a lesson for the people. Maybe if our garbages were thrown properly and if thousand trees were not chopped down, there is a medium chance that this incident will not be a nightmare for everybody. Let's face it, we are also in charge of this and starting today could be the beginning of change. It's time to be fair to Mother Nature so she will aslo be fait on us. For the victims, all I can say is that they should be strong and faithful and don't let this storm be the end of our lives for this is just an obstacle to test how strong we are to God.

Even my weekend was killjoyed by this storm, I am still thankful that we are still in good condition and our homes are not terrorized though this is not a sign for the lucky ones to celebrate but instead it's time for us to help the victims and most importanly, pray for them.
This is just another calamity and expect more in the future and I believe the worst is yet to come and this time, preparation is a must.

I hope you ,reader, are okay and God Bless.


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