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I love the classic Transformers animated series. It is the one that started all the tranformania and me and my dad was a big fan of Transformers since my dad is an automaniac and I am a cartoon-maniac so you got the point. The animated series was aired first in the 80's but lately they started to rerun the episodes in the 90's that's why I knew all about it. I remembered they even made a movie of the series in 1986 that was called "The Transformers: The movie". I saw the movie on a cable channel when I was 11 years old I think and it was good but then again, I watched it again last year so I can really criticize on it maybe because I was a child when I saw it so maybe it was not good but then again, it's really good! no doubt!

The year was 2007 when they released a live-action transformers movie directed by Micheal Bay. When I saw the trailer, my jaw dropped for the reason of the great cg effects. The trailer teased the people because it showed awesomeness the movie has. So what can I say? I gotta watch that whatever it takes. It was a 21 year gap and for that long, long time it's gonna be awesome! So there I go I watched the movie and then what? Well, the movie was intense and it was an epic I mean it's a comeback and definitely people are gonna like this. It was great and I really liked the fact that Optimus Prime is still voiced by Peter Cullen from the original animated series. Awesome effects, great story, and boy what an epic. It's excellent no doubt only one problem, they made disastric changes. I was expecting that the teenage boy will be Spike, you know from the animated series but then what happened? his name was Sam. There are decepticons that I cannot recall from the movie like Barricade the police car. WTF? I thought knew Decepticons are all planes. oh yeah, there is one energon cube wherein the series there are too many! yeah I know they didn't change the whole thing but I still want the old spirit to retain. I'm glad the five autobots are from the original. Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Ironhide, Ratchet, and Jazz. I understand that they cannot all include the original autobots since there are too many and definitely it will be too hard for the people who are in charge in the cg animations though I would prefer Hound over Ratchet and WheelJack over Ironhide. It was sad that Jazz has been separated in half because he was the coolest autobot in the series and he is Optimus' right hand. Still it's a great movie and Non-transformers fans will give it 5 stars. For fans, it's still excellent but they can't resist this feeling of squeezing more from the movie. They released a sequel and everybody knew about it. It follows the story of the first. No comment there.

Today, they recreate the animated series like "Transformers Armada" and "Transformers animated" but both of them suck because it targets young audiences unlike the first one. I also hate their appearances on the latter because they look liked scrap metals from Ben 10. Anyway, at least they try to remain the spirit of the robots that entertains our childhood and manhood. Still, nothing beats the original and it still rocks unlike the remakes. Well, we can't do anything about it because as technology develops, they try to change things to make it more different to increase it's lifespan. Only they didn't know that they are destroying a masterpiece instead of reviving it. Anyway, I hope there will be the day that I they will release a transformer film or series and hopefully it would bring the memories of excellency.

Transformers the movie:(1986) trailer

Transformers trailer (2007)


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