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Sounds familiar? of course it is. Who doesn't know this line? Maybe Scotty doesn't know but anyway the line was from Cry by Mandy Moore for those who are not familiar with it. You may ask why Cry? For those who doesn't know me well, I'm a crybaby.
I am not gay in fact I have discussed this in my "Male's feminine side.." post. For me, this is my biggest feminine side since I was a child. In my childhood years, I was bullied and I can't help myself to cry all the time until now I still have the inner seed of crying. I am too emotional since I experienced personal problems that I can't share because it's risky so I just kept it to myself and try to fight it alone. Most of my friends knew that fact but they just don't realize that I secrete tears often. If you are a guy, maybe you heard of this novel-based movie ,"The Notebook" by Nicholas Sparks, but if you are a gal then I don't need to explain what it is. I have read the novel, really, and all I can say is that it has one of the best endings in the history of all love stories. Just reading the best-selling novel made me cry so I rushed in to some friends to ask if they have it on DVD so then my aunt have it, popped it in and there you go, wet hanky in my hand. There is this couple of PS2 games like Shadow of the Colossus and Kingdom Hearts 2. I cried watching the ending of SoC since the game is about a hero(he has no name..) who wants to revive his love one by defeating all 16 colossal giants that makes his size looks like amoeba. <SPOILER ALERT>The ending was also the best! He succeed in defeating all giants but he was caught by the feudal lords (I assume) since the habitat of the colossi was forbidden to human beings and killed him. Then for one big surprise the hero became a colossus itself thus the wizard remove the curse to him and at the same time he was killed during the process. While he was about to sucked in to the portal of death, he forces to approach himself to his died love one (tears are already falling from my eye) but he did not succeed and therfore he died. For a miracle twist, the woman was revived but the hero died making it a tragic twist of an ending. That is so sad and the memory of the sorrow ending is carved in my mind and my heart. Well in Kingdom Hearts is actually not a tragic game though it made me cry because of the determination of Sora for retrieving his friends.
I just don't know but I love crying. It cleanses my sad emotions and it really feels good after! I am not ashamed of being a crybaby in fact I am proud of it because not every guy can't express their feelings as I am and some people like me for being a crybaby. For me, it's a brave thing to do but not all the time.


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