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I already discussed about this topic in my friendster blog when I was 13 years old but I would want to discuss this again and at the same time I like to update my ideas into it.
Most of us believes in karma. The very thing that scares each and one of us that it controls every move in our lives. I remember watching My Name is Earl and he usually quotes "Do good things and good things will happen to you. Do bad things and it will come back to haunt you". I love that show because it's funny and at the same time it shares some memorable values. Going back, the most base foundation of karma is heaven and hell. According to many, if you die bearing sins with you then you will go down to hell but if you lived your life spiritually and mainly being good then you go to heaven. When I was a kid that stick through my mind and usually my teachers scare me about it. They said "In hell, no one will hear you scream and the flames of hell will never put out and it will give you excruciating pain forever and you won't die in pain because you are already dead!". I was like scared and nervous, my eyes are swelling, and most of all I felt I was fucked because I knew I was sinful because I lied usually when I was a kid. Reaching the gates of high school, I remembered that idea and think about it over and over and I was really religious back then. I am not trying to fight the Roman Catholic for these beliefs but for me, I don't believe in hell.
Yes, I don't believe in hell. For me it's just a fictional place made to scare the shit out of us. I am not being a fucker who tries to rant everyone about that but it makes me sick. Just think about it, God loves everyone. He will never let one human to be burned in hell. Even Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and everyone you may think of. I don't know everything about the Bible but I can't remember Jesus cursing others that they will go to hell even when He is about to get crucified. Here's another example. Imagine the Aztecs you know, cut throat people who sacrifice the hearts of innocent people who get lost in their territory to their Sun Gods. That may not be spiritual but imagine you were born as an Aztec and the people nailed in your mind that you will do those barbaric sacrifices for the rest of your life. Then, a spear will be flying up the sky hitting your chest resulting to your death waking up in the fires of hell not realizing that what you have done is killing and is forbidden. Isn't that unfair? Here's another one. You were born in the hands of criminals like your mom is a mass murderer and your father is Lupin IX. You were trained to kill and trained to steal then being caught by police men throwing you to the electric chair and of course waking up in hell realizing what you did is wrong.
I just want to share that God loves us and He will never let anyone be tortured in that flaming pits of Satan. I trust God more than anyone and I believe He loves me just like everyone. If a human is sinful, karma is in charge of that and hell is not definitely a solution. Everything I share is just an opinion and I am not forcing everyone to be at my side. Again, I just want to express myself because each of us has the rights to comment on certain topics.
Hope you enjoyed reading and God Bless!


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