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It's not going to be a pleasant weekend. Our roof produces banging sound due to the billions of droplets of water falling from the sky. The rain is too strong and I am stuck in my seat since I should be in the gym working my muscles out. In this kind of situation, video games will be my best friend and I can't do anything about it. It's too unfair don't you think like the storm should be on a weekday so that we can take extra rest days though for the others it suits fine because they have classes during saturday. Unfortunately for me, Saturday is a rest day for me.

Damn, I really hate this storm. I am not a sleeping hog during siesta time. I don't know but I just hate it since I was a kid. Sleeping in the afternoon is not stored in my long term memory.
Well, what can I do? Nobody can control the weather and just go with the flow. Anyway, the rain still continues...


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