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What do you call an insect that flies and has colorful wings? The answer is obvious, yeah don't say it because I hate it and I am afraid of it. No joke.

I don't know I just hate butterflies. Even though it's colorful to the human eye, it creeps me out because he flies like a killer. I don't know why I am scared with those pieces of shit and the only explanation I can say is that they are scary, for me. To make things worse, there are these creatures widely known as moths! Damn if butterflies were scary, moths are like grim reapers. I searched Microsoft Encarta on how they differ. According to Mr. Encarta, Butterflies are active during the day and Moths are active during the night. Butterflies are usually colorful unlike Moths which are brown in majority. Moths have hairy antennas unlike those of the butterflies. As you can see, I know all about them even though I want to burn all those creatures. Yes, it's kinda embarrassing since everyone loves them and I think I'm one of the few people who has mothephobia but I think we have our own unusual fear. I even know a few people who are scared of more unusal animals and things like birds, balloons, peach, and pickles. Good thing there I seldom see butterflies around Manila where my college school, San Beda College, is located. My friends usually laugh at my unusual fear but I believe they have their own fears too.

Well, That's my fear. I just want to share it even though it's unlikely to share it.


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