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I'm a flexible guy you know I can play sports, play video games, read books, watch movies, love to know different facts, and too much more. When I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor. My reason? pfah! just the heck of it! I just can't think of anything. Then an irony came. Suppose to be you when you are a kid, you should dream of a lot of stuff since you watch cartoons and you want to experiment things, you will say to your parents I want to be fireman or policman... or no no wait! I want to be an actor or a painter and words just go over and over. It's the opposite to me. Today, I want to be everything like I when I watched all six Rocky movies, my inner side is telling me to go learn boxing and stuff. I am not saying that I grow younger, if that makes sense it's just.. uhm.. I don't know but anyway here are my top 5 dream professions! We will start with 5.

5.) Dance Instructor - I am not really good at dancing though I know how to dance and I love it. Dancing is like expressing your personality to the people witnessing your moves. Maybe I'll post something about dance someday.

4.)Actor/Director - Well to be honest, I am the type of guy who wants to be famous. I beg for popularity since I have'nt felt the spirit of being popular when I was a kid though in high school I was well known in the campus but we are not like other High School who has a populaton more than 500. I love acting too same as dancing since it allows you to show all your emotions and stuff. I am also interested in film making so I also wanted to be a director. I'm like a movie critic when I watch movies like after a movie, I rate the movie myself and if it's good, I will recommend it my buddies. If not, well might just leave it in the dust.

3.)Tour Guide - I am interested in traveling and going to the famous landmarks in history like "The Parthenon", Pyramids of Egypt, Sistine Chapel, and the clock tower in London England popularly known as Big Ben. I wanted to become a tourist but the sad fact is that I don't have the cash to travel all over the world. So I want all my frustrations to be released on being the tour guide.

2.)Hacker - For some people, if you are a hacker then you are a geek but for some (like me), you are badass! Being a hacker, for me, is being cool but yeah being a hacker is not an ethical proffesion still just the title implies that you are so wise, clever, and oh yeah did I say badass?

1.) You ready for number 1? I suppose I still don't have it yet. hehe.. sorry for the cliffhanger but hey I am still a college sophomore and I still have 2 years? it may change depending on my likeness. I don't want to dream for a wonderful job this early since there will be more people influencing you to become this, more fun jobs that you can discover, and of course I am still looking for that job that will not just earn me me huge grand but a job that will serve me happiness that even a million dollars can't afford. For now , I am interested on being a System Analyst. Do you think it will be good? well, I still have to wait.


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