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I am the only son of my mom and dad. Every time I share this quote to someone, they always reply "Oh that's great! it means that your parents grant you everything you wish for". Yes, I heard this line a lot and I mean a lot like most of the the time on a conversation, I don't know why but I can't help myself from refraining that I am the one and only in my family and instead of feeling sad on my part, they are actually jealous which in fact I am jealous with them because they have siblings to have fun with. Well, I guess the saying is right that everyone is not contented with their lives. Oh yeah, I am alone in this house while I was writing this. 5:30 pm September 15,2009 (Happy Monthsary babe!).

To make this situation worse, I have few cousins. In my father's side, there are zero cousins and in my mother's side I have 4 but they live far away from our home and I cannot manage to meet them or to socialize with them. There are times that I am alone in my house begging for company even though there so many entertainment systems around me like there is the TV and Playstation 2. Beside it is our Personal Desktop Computer and in my room is some of the miscellaneous devices like the Ipod,cellphones etc. Good thing I did not grew up with an imaginary friend or I will end up crazy. Whenever I have 50 pounds worth of homework, I do it myself and I seldom ask my parents to help me with it because I want to practice my responsibilty as a teenager though when I was in 1st grade my mom usually do all my homework.

As you can see, this is all my frustration as an only child but I don't want to end up on suicide just because of this. God made everything like this for a reason and lately I realized most of them. Maybe if I was not alone, I may not be in a proper school or college and maybe my life will be better in the future because of this destiny that God gave me. Suppose to be I have a brother but unfortunately he died when my mom gave birth to him. Luckily, my mom was okay. My brother should be 14 by now and maybe we often quarrel, play video games, and some brothery-love things. Maybe that incident , even though it's tragic, has a significance that affected the future of our family life and maybe it has a definite reason that God only knows and maybe we may know in the future.

Even though I am alone, I am still thankful that I have both my parents taking care of me and they still love me more than themselves. I think that's better than having siblings because at least they tought me things needed to face the gruesome modern world. That's how a person should do it. Self-pity won't do anything because it's just a waste of time and it can result to depression. We must find hope and we must keep our faith for us to live a wonderful life. We must thank God for all the wonderful things he had done for us and we must trust him more than anyone.

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts and hopefully you learned something. Thank you for your time and God Bless!


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