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Last Wednesday I was in SM MegaMall and one of my malling habit is taking on the gamezones like Timezone, EGG, Netopia etc. It's been a long time since I was in Timezone so maybe that was the chance to blast away myself with pure gaming goodness. The first thing that blew my gaming desire was this arcade machine plastered with a sticker "New Arrival" written on it and above the screen says a BIG Street Fighter 4 pushing through my face!

It's been a long time since a street fighter game came out like it was the 3rd part of the series specifically Street Fighter 3: 3rd strike. I did not recognized it much besides it's not much of a sequel to the second because all it had was new characters that did'nt made an impact to my face unlike the fourth of the series. Let's have a little history before tackling the latest of the series so we can keep in track.

The first street fighter game was realeased on Nintendo Entertainment System and on arcade in 1987 and the only character you can play is Ryu, a lone martial artist. A second player can join in and he/she can control of another martial artist named Ken which is not too different with Ryu except the appearance. The sequel of the game was released in 1991-1995 in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and arcade which is Street Fighter 2. This game was like a rocket blasting off the earth since it rocked all gamers around the world for being one of the best fighting game ever made. This time, it featured better graphics, new moves, and most importanty a varied choice of great characters and still including Ryu and Ken which is historically great. They made different versions of the game which is not really neccessary though it includes updates , added new characters, and features including the TURBO mode which is copied and imitated until now. When the Playstation was out on the market, they released some sideteps like the alpha series including new characters (again) and some varied style of gameplay. The 3rd strike series was famous on the arcade so I have not track much of it.

2 years ago, I read an article that Street Fighter 4 will be released and I was so excited to grab my hands on it. The article inculdes some images and I saw E.Honda and Guile fighting each other on Chun-li's homestage on street fighter 2 but with better graphics. WOW! it's like a remake? well not exactly remake but the game is historical! Oh my fuck! that's gonna be great!

The long wait is over, My pair of eyes is the witness that it's already here in the Philippines! This is gonne be cool! I saw two guys battling out with each other! I even remembered their characters like it was Balrog versus Ryu. I haven't played it yet, but I can see that they made major improvements which is nice like they have this new counter attack which produces trails of black ink when executed. The characters from the 2nd game and alpha series, are included but some original characters Dee jay is not included which is bullshit instead they added yet again another group of steroclowns like C.Viper, El Fuente, and this big fat guy named Rufus. Some people consider them cool, but I don't like them much because they are like no street fighterish I mean for me they belong in the Marvel vs. Capcom series. I like Abel though. He's a new character though he looks cool other than the 3. Yes, it still begs for variations and improvements to increase its replayability but for a street fighter fan like me, I still want to have the spirit of the classic series like if I play it, I will have those nostalgic memories when I was a kid playing the famous SF 2.

If you are not a street fighter fan, well you should give it a try and maybe you can be one yourself. If YOU ARE a street figther fan, it's a must and definitely we should celebrate that the Spirit of Street Fighter is alive. It will be great if I am like 27 years old and there will be street fighter 8 or 9? Well, that may be untrue but it won't hurt to expect right? Well that's it for now, thanks for reading and God Bless!


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