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It was a boring weekend and I was bored, of course, and I tried to dig our mountain pile of DVDs and I found this movie of Mel Gibson and Danny Glover Lethal Weapon. It is an action-comedy movie that was filmed in 1987. The DVD was a collection type so I scheduled my time watching the first part and the sequel this weekend then the other two to be accomplished next weekend. I remember my father watching these movies when I was young, maybe 5 years old, and I can't really understand though I laugh on some moments so what I did is to watch it again so I can understand the whole thing.

It's a story of two cops, Marin Riggs and Roger Murtaugh, who are incompatibly partners due to their nature that served the chaotic streets of L.A. The prologue started with a woman in lingerie taking drugs that made her jump from a nearly a top of the building causing her death which is the case to be solved throughout the movie. Roger Murtaugh is an old father of a big family who gets tired and conscious of him being old because he reached 50. When he got to the headquarters, he was given a new partner named Marting Riggs who is a vigilant skillful cop and a hotheaded freak who wants to solve anything with guns,specifically killing, though his abilites were remarkable thus the title "Lethal weapon" refers him. The barbaric attitude of Riggs was caused by the death of his wife and often he remembers

The case of the suicidal woman was given to them and they found out that it's a homicide not a suicide. They found out that the father of the victim is a friend of Murtaugh in which Rog owes his life. Rog then was force to kill the mastermind with Riggs which is in favor of doing. Then, they encounter more cases and most of the time Roger was feeling sick of having Martin as his partner.

It is an ironic type of movie in which two very different people who dislikes each other became the best of friends at the end. I am not spoiling you since it had 3 sequels meaning they both really had a great time fighting crime. If you are interested on old-school comedy-action movies then definitely this is for you. I love old-school movies because they never fail to impress me in terms of storyline and special effects. The effects may not be as good as today but it gives you this distinctive mood that in the 80's, my father loved this movie.

Oveall, it was a really good movie. Retro style movie at it's best and it gives pure entertainment at it's best. Mel Gibson's acting is cool like it is the icing on Mel Gibson. If you are bored, you might as well check this out because it's going to blow laugher and excitement. In the scaling of five stars, I might as well give it a 4.5/5.

To watch the trailer, copy this link..


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