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College is fun, right? You got to love that freedom scent, the new people touching your colorful life, and the most threatening professor. Well, I got to be true on the last one. If you are with me all the time, you can describe me as someone who is not contented on everything. I beg for things and spat on some things. Some call it demanding, but some call it a frustration. Pfah! who cares! Here's my comments on my subjects and my professors! For your information I am an Information Technology major. I'm still on my midway to college. This is my second year so expect more rampage to come!

Kevin's list of Nightmares

ICT 04 (Advance programming with c++) - I hope this subject is break time. My professor is good I will give him that but I can't understand him much.

ICT 05 (Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis) - Just a medioker subject. let it Pass. Professor is okay.

ICT 06 (Database and Management Systems) - This subject is a bit easy since it's just MicrosoftAccess. Just about entitites and records though sometimes it can get tricky. Professor is cool!

Filipino 3(Panitikan.....) - I love literature though sometimes my professor is random depending on his mood. Sometimes he is fine and cool and sometimes he is crazy!

English 3(Speech and Communication) - Lot's of activities which makes it interesting but miss professor gives assignment often and most of the time it's so ridiculous and hard to do.

Philosophy 02(Philosophy of Human Life) - For a weird teenager like me, I love the subject since Philosophy is my type of subject because I consider it a deep sanctuary for me to develop. Problem is, again, my professor is boring tough he is funny sometimes.

Accounting 1(Fundamentals of accounting) - It's fine but it can get hard sometimes.

Math 05(Calculus and analytical geometry) - The nightmare of our class. They consider me the mastermind of this subject but they did'nt know I was like on drugs when on this class. Professor is fast paced and most of the time we are unaware that she is discussing a new topic. MAn! take it easy! For fuck sake!

Theology 03(Church History and Sacraments) - This subject is so boring since I don't like history when I was on 1st grade because I really hate memorizing names and dates I mean come on!? It's not my responsibility as a programmer to know the date when the fecal matter returns to someones asshole. Seriously, this is boring. My professor is knowledgeable though.

PE 03(Individual Sports) - It's fun because we had swimming on the first half and now we are taking Judo which is rare and cool. Problem is , it makes you want to puke every end of the session.

As you can see, it's more on the complaints so you think it's frustration? Who knows? Who cares...


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