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Animes are cartoons derived from Japanese comics specifically manga that expresses pure Japanese Frustration. It seems that some Japanese people are not contented with their looks of their faces and bodies so what they created is an art of imagination and dream. It's funny that the similarity of manga characters and the people who created them is their pure white skin and maybe their personalites. Anyway, it's not that I am blaming them for not being contented but in that way it is better rather than doing plastic surgeries and stuff. Japanese beings are really creative on such things even on gameshows.

I remembered when Ghost Fighter aired on TV like I was 7 years old to be exact. I am with my mom and dad and we are on the way home from the marketplace and we are in hurry because it's already 7 o clock and it's Ghost Fighter that is airing that time. It's funny though that every house and establishment we pass by is showing Ghost Fighter on their tv screens that's why everytime we got home, I am still intact and on my momentum of the anime. It was popular I mean every household in the philippines knows it like if you don't know it, you might be living on a cave. Yeah seriously, because even those people without homes anticipate on the nearest "turo turo" to be on the flow of the storyline.

Again, I would like to share some of my favorite toons with big-eyed human beings, Spiky-haired thugs, Perfoct body ladies, and a handsome plot.

Ghost Fighter - Of course, do I need to say more? A story of a rough teenager who doesn't care of anything but himself and of course, everybody hates him until he saved a little child crossing the street causing his death. He was given another chance though to improve his life again and after that, his life was changed. He then encounter different incidents on fighting monsters and improving himself to be a great fighter. The story was predictable but back then it surpised all filipino mind and they were shocked on how those japanese people think.

Dragon Ball Z- Oh my, one of the longest series of animes I watched and definitely it's worth it. There is this human like creature called Sayan who fell down to earth and then found by this old man who sees potential on him and trained him to be a fighter. Then, there are these thing called Dragon Balls and there seven of them. If you got all of them, a dragon will appear and grant you a wish. The crystal balls will scatter again throughout the earth for you to find again. It has so many sagas and chapters that it has a lot of unique characters. The story is good and well created.

I have encountered so many animes that if I wrote them down, it might be as long as my mom's grocery lists. Maybe I will review some on the future. Sorry for the lame work because I am tired and I just wanna rest. Though I was just a bit bored and maybe it won't hurt to still update this blog. I hope you enjoyed reading this crap and God Bless!


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