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Most of us chilled on cartoons when we're 4 years old to 10 years old. Kids love it since it so colorful and mainly they contain every imagination a kid could think of. Have you experienced this one time like you are lying on your couch holding your remote and you change channels at a constant time and then you will glimpse on your favorite cartoon when you are young? It is so nostalgic that you will watch it instead of some shows you used to watch then all of a sudden your folks are on the back saying "What are you watching? Are you a preschool or something?". Yes, all my relatives annoyingly rant that on me except my Aunt Nancee because she knew that I feel the rewinding enjoyment of my childhood days and I know she does watching those cartoons. I remembered she was watching Rugrats with me when I was in the second grade because she liked the concept of the cartoon.

Although I am old enough to watch those R-18 movies and shows, I still watch some of my favorite cartoons because it is not forbidden and I am entertained. Last night, there was a re-run of my favorite episode of the classic series of "Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles" (I hate the new series because the characters are too serious looking like those of Justice League) and I smiled with no one around me because I was alone that evening. Those were the days, still I can still see their openings because most of them are uploaded in YouTube which really is nice.

I am gonna show some of my favorite cartoons when I was a kid and they are not in order. I'm just gonna share you a part of my childhood and maybe it's a part of your childhood too.

Kevin's Favorite Cartoons

Rugrats - "A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do". That was a memorable line by Tommy, my favorite character in one of the cutest characters in Nickelodeon. Tommy is the main character in series with his friends Chuckie, Phil, Lil, Suzie, Kimmy,his brother dil, and his evil cousin Angelica. Oh I yeah and his dog Spike. Man I still remember their names. I didn't look up on the internet for their names, no joke. What I love about these babies is their imagination on such things and those imaginations where mostly the topic of every single episode of the Rugrats. It's even ironic that the babies love Reptar, Their favorite cartoon character that looks like a big godzilla-dinosaur hybird dragon, and they are afraid of the those clown toys.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Oh man the classic series rock. I love those guys and they never fail to amuse me. They are four pizza-maniac turtles namely Leonardo, Michealangelo, Raphael, and Donatello lead by their master Splinter, an old karate master rat, to fight crime in the streets on New York. They even include human allies like April, a newsreporter, and Casey, a vigilant. What's a fighting crime cartons without badass evil villains like Krang, Shredder, Baxter stockman, Beebop and Rockesteddy, Rat King, and Leather Head. I love the action comedy style of the cartoons and it not too violent for children. Just gotta love it especially when Michealangelo, my favorite turtle, show off his moves. All I can say is Cowabunga!

X-Men - The old series of x-men is good but the action was a bit more violent since the characters are so realistic. The only thing that is not realistic is their mutant powers which is the main aspect of the series. It's a story of mutant beings who saves mankind from evil mutant beings. I love the origins of how they became mutants because those itself can be their each cartoon series and X-Men is all those series combined togehter. Just count all the mutants including those evil ones and that's how many shows it can make.

Pokemon - To be honest, I still watch it because until today they make new series of pokemon base on the gameboy and nintendo DS games. The first batch of pokemons were only 150 but now I think there are at least 500 and that's so much. It was a story of a determined kid named Ash who wants to become a pokemon master with his favorite pokemon Pikachu. Along the way, he encounter new species and new friends as well. The cartoon was nice because it shows the true value of friendship.

Two stupid Dogs - I often watch this on Cartoon Network and I usually laugh when I watch this. They don't even have names like I just call it yellow and grey because that is their color. Just two stupid dogs on their stupid journey. You think this is a bad cartoon? well ain't that cute, but it's WRONG!

there are more cartoons I watch like Rocko's modern life, Ren and Stimpy, Captain Planet, and the list goes on. Part 2 will be about the cartoon of Japan commonly knowns as Animes and usually based on Manga (comics). I hope you had a nostalgic time and if you didn't, try to watch search them on Youtube so you can at least feel what we feel.


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