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Lately, I was observing my posts and I read some and check if there are some errors. It was just a boring day reading this and that but then there is something that lacks in my blog. Something that is red, emotional, and full of love. That's it Love!
Well basically, courtship is considered by many the hardest part of love. If you have been in a couple or dozen relationships, well believe it or not it's just the beginning, literally. After courtship, there are millions of more problems and conflicts to come and will haunt you more than ever. I'm not saying that I am in a bad relationship but that's reality and no one can shift the flow and momentum of this undefined word. For those who are chained in their chair and can't get out of the griping hardships of their courtship, I will give some tips of course from yours truly. I may not be Bob Ong, all I want is to share. It's just an opinion so if you don't agree with it, then just carry on. It is not always accurate since people tend to be different like salt and pepper. Please leave a comment whether good or bad it doesn't matter.

Courting Tips from Yours Truly.

*Try to know them first - Don't be shy for fuck sake! It's not being agressive that you want to know them. Though some women consider that being agressive really. So start with a friendly talk. Don't show any signs of likeness. Imagine you are conversing or asking to your girl classmates or blockmates . Be natural! Learn their personality. If you think both of you jives in, Just go for it! Don't forget to know their interests and likes.

*Don't hide your personality! - Show her the real you. Don't be some other guy when you are with her! It may break your relationship.

*Beauty is the magnet Compliment! - Let us be honest, beauty is the 1st factor why we try to like a woman. Well, not all the time because there are some cases that you interact with some girls then you became friends then you fall in love. Technically, we all start from crushes. You know blushes, pink faces, "kilig" feelings, and fast heart beat. You may think that woman turns on when you like them from being good on the inside so your tendency is to compliment their personality. DON'T LIE! Try to compliment their beauty first before the inside. Trust me! they know if you are lying!

*Date is fun! - Don't be too formal in a date! just be comfortable and introduce yourself until you ran out of words. If there is something you want to say and you are too shy because it's embarassing, don't be! just keep on talking but not to the point wherein all she does is listen. Let her talk. Imagine you are James Bond and you got to know everything with this woman.

*Negative times Negative is Positive - Yes, in a courthsip you should promote yourself right? but for me, you should also share your known negative personalities. A woman for you is someone who will accept you for who you are. Women would love to change your wrong doings because them being a good influence for you makes them feel better. Also ask for her negatives so that you know what to do in case you loved each other.

*Don't be a stalker - Carrying their bags and fetching them when they are about to go home is sweet but don't be too much especially in text messages. Try to do it in moderation. You stil have a life to live. They are not your life. Show them that you can balance life and love. If a woman felt being overloved (does that word exist?) , they are uncomfortable with it.

If you have some questions or if you would want to know more, feel free to contact me in Yahoo Messanger at . I just throw in a couple and actually I didn't throw every idea in my mind. Thanks for reading and I hope you learned a lot!


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