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Today is a regular holiday because it's the ending day of Ramadan wherein this is the holy day for them. If Christians have Christmas and Jews have Hanukkah, Muslims have their Ramadan. Here in the Philippines, there are so many communites of muslims especially on Mindanao, the southern part of our country. To give respect to their last day of Ramadan, we considered this day as a regular holiday. Sad to say that some people don't give a damn on this day because all they care is to rest at their fairly homes or maybe have fun to other places.

I'm not saying that we should also be on their shoes to be holy and to celebrate but at least that this day be remembered for them or that we at least give a bit of suppport is enough for them. I believe muslims give a little support to our celbration during Christmas. Some Muslim Merchants are selling christmas decors, toys for christmas, and all other stuff for us to have a happy holidays. Even though christmas is not included in their tradition, at least in this little supportive way and especially rememebering our precious celebraton of the birth of Christ is enough. After 4 or 5 months, go outside your house and ask someone when is the ending day of Ramadan. do you think they will remember?

Different people, different beliefs, and different religions composes all communites living throughout Earth so it doesn't mean we have to fight each other or something like that. Well, I hope we are aware of this day throughout even majority of filipinos are christians because filipino muslims are stil filipinos.


That is very nice of you to state. I for one am a Muslim here in the Philippines and it is very inspiring to see the unity between Christians, Muslims, and all the other religious groups. In truth, there should be no conflict. Philippines is Philippines because of the diverse mix of people. :)

Thanks! By the way, you are the first outsider to comment on my post.. haha. .

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